5 Best Podcast Players for Windows 10

Podcasts are an excellent way for listening to your favorite radio shows, catch up on the news or just merely hear great music. They are kind of like newsreaders but in this case only media.

And what better way to listen to your podcast except with excellent podcast players? That’s why I’m bringing to you 5 best podcast players for Windows 10.

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So, be sure to choose from the top 5 nominees. Though they all are best of different categories, this would make it easier for you to select. So, let’s get on with it!

Top 5 Podcast Players for Windows 10 PC

No#NameBest forRatingDownloadReview
1gPodderDownloading*****DownloadRead Review
2Grover PodcastStreaming****DownloadRead Review
3MiroFully Packed Features****DownloadRead Review
4JuiceManagement***DownloadRead Review
5iTunesUser Interface***DownloadRead Review

Number #1 – gPodder

gPodder is an open source podcatcher which doesn’t come with a build in media player. But it still has some tweaks up its sleeve. You’ll be amazed to see some of the advanced features and tools it uses for downloading.

If you want a podcatcher that’s best for downloading podcasts, then this one is the perfect choice for you. The program is entirely reliable with its integration with Windows, macOS and also Linux platforms. So, it’s not limited to only one platform.

gPodder - 5 Best Podcast Players

You will be able to download pods from anywhere such as YouTube, Vimeo, Atom, RSS, XSPF and many more. You can configure the updating intervals or the max number of episodes per podcast.

The program will automatically check for any new podcasts and will notify you if there are any new ones. You can even configure it to delete the played ones after a particular time. Just search for them and download them. It’s as easy as that.

Although, another best thing about gPodder is the excellent synching option. It will help you to synchronize the program with any MP3 media player and even iPods! You can add the extra tracks to the playlist just using gPodder.

The gPodder would further help you to back up your contents or the subscriptions on gPodder.

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Number #2 – Grover Podcast

The best thing about Grover Podcast is that it’s the best fit for Windows 10. Streaming podcasts and playing them has never been easier. The playback option allows you to play the podcasts along with searching and downloading them.

You can even subscribe to your favorite one. The Interface design is quite similar to Groove Music with the two themes: Light and Dark. All you need to do is get the app, and all its glory would be yours.

Grover Podcasts

You will get all the essential features in this one and also some unique plus points too! You can use the app to search and configure it to download or even remove the pods according to your wish.

The app is quite flexible with the specific downloads and removal of podcasts. You will also be able to export and import OPML, cloud sync with OneDrive and even get system notifications for new podcasts.

The playback control will have a slider for you to adjust the speed.

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Number #3 – Miro

Miro is yet another open source podcast player that you will love if you want results only. If you are looking for just features and not an attractive interface, then this could be the one for you.

I am not saying that the UI is terrible, but it’s rather simple than most of the podcast players. It’s an excellent podcatcher though. Sometimes people compare it to iTunes, but it has much more features than that.

Miro - Top 5 Podcast Players for WIndows 10

Miro will let you stream audio and video podcasts, unlike other podcast players. And you will also be able to download the podcasts, make along subscribe to them. The video playback is quite extraordinary. You will get a smooth experience with HD option.

It’s a multi-platform program compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The sidebar will contain all the control and option for you to choose. It will also automatically check for new podcasts and even download them if you want.

The program will also let you resume the audio or video playback from where you had left off! The import or exporting ability of podcasts in ODML format makes it the cherry on top of the cake.

If you want results rather than just visual, then this one is your go-to app.

Miro’s Extra Features

  • Stream audio and video podcasts directly from app
  • HD video and casting support
  • Search and subscribe to podcasts using the search box
  • Option to automatically remove podcasts already listened
  • Option to show system notification when there’re new podcasts available
  • Option to automatically download new podcasts
  • Reorder the podcasts catalog (Drag / Drop)
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Number #4 – Juice

Juice is yet another open source program for you to play. Its design helps you with managing all your pods. Yes, if you like organizing your podcasts then this one will be perfect for you.

Juice - Best Podcast Players for Windows 10

The product is not best suited for playing podcasts rather than organizing them. As it doesn’t have an integrated audio player, you won’t be able to play any tracks on this one. But it does support quite a lot of media players.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight program with multi-platform compatibility. You will be able to download and subscribe to all your favorite ones with just a click. You will get to schedule downloads and even clean up the old ones.

The organizer will let you manage all the podcasts as you want. So, you’ll be able to categorize them and organize them as you like.

Number #5 – iTunes

It might seem like it’s for macOS, but it works great with Windows 10 too! Apple was the first one to land a podcast player app on the market. And since then iTunes has come far along with a growing reputation.

Though it’s more of a general media player, you will get some podcast resources along with it. The user interface is somewhat attractive and simple for that matter. Nothing here would overwhelm you.

iTunes for Windows 10

The freeware app holds more than 250,000 podcasts to choose from, and that’s a considerable amount. iTunes has a sharing option for where you will be able to share podcasts on social media.

You will also get many podcasting options such as subscribing to podcasts by the directory or by entering their RSS URLs, organizing podcasts, adjusting playback speed, bookmarking your favorite one and much more where these came.

So, if you want a podcast player with looks, then this would be the right one for you.

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Wrapping it up

Choosing the best one from the last can be tough. But it would be easy if you try them out and then what best suits you. But if you have a particular preference then you can go for the one that delivers that specific feature. If you want a player for streaming, then I would say Grover Podcast is the best one.

But that doesn’t mean that others on the list have fallen behind. They all have some standard features with a few extra features that make them great as a podcast player.

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