8 Best Planner and Calendar Apps for Windows 10

Tired of the old calendar app? Want something with a little more horsepower? Calendar apps and planner apps are great for reminding you of the upcoming schedule and essential events.

That’s why you might be looking for a better solution that would have a more customizable feature. That’s why I’ve bought eight best Planner and Calendar apps that would blow your mind.

Maybe you want something that looks fancier or something that’s too simple. Whatever your choice you will find it on this list. Many apps work nice with Windows 10, but only a few have all those extra features.

So, you might want to take a sneak peek at these eight best apps. Let’s get on with it!

8 Best Planner & Calendar Apps –

What makes a Great Calendar App?

Well, calendar apps mainly have two functions:

  • Show your upcoming schedule
  • Reminds you of important events
But the best of the bests won’t just have these two features. You’ll get many more options to tweak around and have fun using them. Let’s look at some of good qualities of a scheduler app.

Easy to use

We know that adding events to calendars or planners are a great way to remember specific vital events. You need to choose an app that you’ll find enjoyable. But if it becomes way too tricky for you just to add an event to the app then it didn’t serve its purpose right.

You need an app that’s easy to use and also fast.


The app should be attractive and organized. A cluttered UI would just make everything complicated. Although it’s not much of an issue, when you’ll be using this app several times a day, this problem will become the more significant issue.

Simple to Share

I’m sure your events include other people. So, you might want to keep everybody on the same page here. That’s why sharing features are necessary. The app needs to have this option enabled, to allow you to invite others to see your calendar.

Available for Multiple Devices

Being available on other platforms such as on mobiles too can make these apps more efficient. That’s why you’ll find most of the apps being available for mobile and PC both.

Top 8 Planner & Calendar Apps

No#NameBest forRatingDownloadReview
1Chronos Calendar +Zodiac Calendar*****DownloadRead Review
2Hope CalendarProfessional Use*****DownloadRead Review
3One CalendarDay Planning*****DownloadRead Review
4VueMinderAdvanced Features****DownloadRead Review
5Power PlannerStudents****DownloadRead Review
6My CalendarCustom User Interface***DownloadRead Review
7Simple CalendarWindows Mobile***DownloadRead Review
8WinCalendarLight Usage***DownloadRead Review

So, let’s take a look at the eight best planner and calendar apps for Windows 10.

Number #1 – Chronos Calendar +

If you are looking for something stylish, then this one is the perfect catch. The user interface is clean and top notch if you ask me. The app supports over 30 different languages and will get synchronized with all the Microsoft calendar accounts.

Chronos Calendar Plus App

You’ll also get plenty of customizable options.

Key Features

  • Live Tile customization. Can select from a range of different background color, font size, etc.
  • Built-in holiday, Moon Phase and Zodiac calendars.
  • Smart add feature brings up quick text when adding new events.
Unfortunately, Chronos Calendar + is only available for Windows 10 Mobile, and it’s not free. Tough, you’ll get a free seven-day trial version before purchasing. This app can be an excellent choice for your mobile if you want something with an extra spark.

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Number #2 – Hope Calendar

Hope Calendar is another excellent choice for a calendar app. It’s straightforward and attractive at the same time. This calendar supports almost every Windows 10 calendar services such as Outlook, Google, Exchange, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud, etc.

Installation is pretty easy. All you need to do is to download it from the app store, and it will automatically set up right after. The app will search for calendar accounts in your Windows settings and sync with it making it more efficient.

Hope Calendar - Windows 10 Planning and Calendar Apps

You can also filter out those that you don’t want to view. Available on both mobile and PC. So, you can use it on any device. Hope Calendar also has a flexible month, week and agenda view that would deliver all your information at the right time.

You will also get a heat map of your availability, season banners for a rotating splash of color, and four different styles of Live Tile.

More Live Tile can be unlocked if you buy the premium one. But the free one comes with enough feature. But if you are not a fan of ads then you better get the premium one instead.

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Number #3 – One Calendar

If you want to have all your calendars in one place, One Calendar is the one for you. This app supports different accounts such as Outlook, Live, Hotmail, Office 365, Exchange, Google, Facebook, and WebCal.

One Calendar - Top 8 Apps for Planning & Calendar

With One Calendar you can update, add, and delete any appointments with the Day, Week, Month and Year views. You can also customize Live Tiles, choose from a wide range of calendar themes, have Lock screen support and many more.

You’ll need to unlock some of the features with the premium version, which is a small price for all the exciting new features.

It’s available for both mobile devices and PC. The free version has a lot features of its own, so you can hold off spending your money until you try it out.

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Number #4 – VueMinder

VueMinder is the perfect planner and calendar app for Windows 10. If you want an app full packed with all the features, then this is perfect for you. You will get to view multiple calendars in layers; all can be seen by day, week, or month.

You can quickly define any events or tasks using the settings available, and even view them by filtering out. Also, you can import or export these events into Excel and Outlook. The app can also synchronize automatically.

VueMinder - Best Planner & Calendar Apps for Windows 10

The app has a reminder that will allow you to include desktop alerts, popup reminders, and reminders (can be sent via email or SMS text messages), both to yourself and others.

You can even configure the reminding message; you can add pictures, video, music, or web pages. You can also snooze the alerts for a specific amount of time.

The best thing about VueMinder is that it has a wide range of print layouts and styles. So, you can use these to cover any event.


  • Schedule events that occur once or repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Define tasks or split up large tasks into smaller sub-tasks.
  • Write notes and optionally pin them to dates.
  • Easily store and find contact information.
  • Overlay calendars in day, week, month, year, list, and timeline views.
  • View your schedule directly on the Windows desktop background.
  • Sync with your local network, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, iCalendar, and more.
  • Define custom data fields for events, tasks, notes, and contacts.
  • Quickly access related files by attaching them to events, tasks, notes, and contacts.
  • Save your calendar as an HTML webpage for read-only viewing on a website.
  • Keep your valuable data safe by using VueMinder’s built-in automatic backup feature.
  • Access VueMinder in your native language and using your local date/time format.
  • Personalize your calendar by adding background pictures to dates.
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Number #5 – Power Planner

Power Planner is the best planner app for students who want to schedule everything. You can use it to track your classes, grades, and even homework. The app is free but has some limitations.

Power Planner

The premium version has extra features, and you can unlock them at a meager rate. The app can get integrated with Outlook Calendar and synch to all the devices using it.

Adding classes and homework are extremely easy. And, you’ll also get reminded of thee at certain times.

Number #6 – My Calendar

My app is one of the best apps available on the list. The app offers high customizing features which enable you to redesign the whole User Interface. Even the calendar view options are highly customizable.

My Calendar - 8 Best Planner and Calendar Apps

You’ll also get several attractive Live Tiles to choose.

It’s available in two version: Free and Paid. The free version comes with ads and essential features. The pro version is completely ad-free and has some additional features such as task management, enhanced internal birthday calendar, and enhanced calendar views.

If you want, you can try out the pro version for free up to 5 days after installing the app. This option is great as you can try it out before buying the product.

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Number #7 – Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is extremely easy to use and has a unique design. A very clean user interface which delivers what you want. Live Tile supports have many style options to choose from and show three events at once.

You can quickly add events, all you need to do is a double tap on the date in the month view or week view. After tapping you’ll get options to add events. It also has Lockscreen support and even transparent Live Tile.

Simple Calendar

Also, you can hide all day appointments after a particular time and then utilize it afterward.

It’s entirely free, and you’ll find it in the Windows app store, but it’s only available for mobile devices now. You’ll get many other features with in-app purchases such as, removing ads or adding new styles.

If you like a simple, elegant design, then Simple Calendar would be your best choice. Not a flashy app, but gets the job done without any problems.

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Number #8 – WinCalendar

WinCalendar is another simple calendar only available for Windows. This different calendar offers you to create printable calendars and allows loading by hotkey. Customizing this app is quite easy, almost all the features are customizable.

WinCalendar - Top 8 Calendar Apps for Windows 10

Though the app might not be a looker, it would get the job done. Best for those who are looking for a simple calendar app then it’s the best choice. You’ll be able to store daily appointments up to 20 in the free version.

You’ll get two version of this app: Free and Paid. The free one comes with a few limitations. The calendar creating feature will allow you to create calendars that you can print out.

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Windows 10 Inbuilt Calendar

Windows 10 comes with a calendar app that you can try out. Though it has limited customizing features, it will get the job done. The calendar app comes with the Mail app, and it can sync with other calendar apps to get everything together.

Windows 10 Inbuilt Calendar

You can add any accounts such as Microsoft account, Google account, and this app will sync with all your emails and events. Very straightforward. Well, it’s an excellent alternative for your planner and calendar app, if you are not eager to download any new app.

But if you don’t like this app for any reason you can try out these eight other cool apps. All the apps have a wide range of features, and some of them have a beautiful user interface.

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So, if you are looking for attractive UI, then I would recommend Chronos Calendar +, One Calendar and My Calendar. For functionality, VueMinder and Power Planner would be a great option.

But if you are looking for something simple then WinCalendar and Hope Calendar would be the best choice.

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  1. Nice article, however it seems like all these apps are pretty much doing the same thing. I’m curious what you’d think of something which tries to offer some unique functionality, like the Windows 10 app Ink Calendar.

  2. Hey there,
    Very well written article. I am not much of a calendar person. ( Planning/Scheduling ) But these apps are really tempting.
    I sometimes use the default calendar for little things. Maybe I would Power Planner a chance. Looks very promising.

  3. I really liked Weeek, I found it on the Internet. It works very well through the browser, there are still boards (and a calendar, yes). Very flexible system, many cool features. There is still an application on the phone (I have an Iphone).


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