5 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10

Photos capture the unique moments in our lives. Whether it is the last vacation you had or a family trip, you will always enjoy taking a look at these photos. For an aesthetic experience, you’ll ever desire a best photo viewer. A photo viewer which not only allows you to scroll between images quickly but also adds extra features.

The Windows Photo Viewer was popular for many years in the market. However, Microsoft decided to launch the “Photos” app as an improved version of the photo viewer. Many windows users did not like the Photos viewer app due to its slow speed; hence, many decided to roll back to the previous photos viewer or download an external photo viewer. Well, if you are looking for the best photo viewer, here’s a list of the best photo viewers for Windows 10.

1. Irfan View

 Irfan View Best Photo viewer for Windows 10

Irfan is one of the most popular and useful third-party photo viewer software. Irfan Sklijan is the creator of the software, and for now, it’s available for free use. Irfanview is easy to use and has vibrant graphics which brings the best photo view.

It comes with a  neat and intuitive graphical interface. Here, you can easily tweak your image color depth, borders, and frames with a few clicks. Irfan view also enables you to set your image as a desktop wallpaper easily. More so, you can use the full-screen functionality for viewing larger images. Plus, Irfan View supports Plugins which allows you to modify the program to suit your needs. 

The program is lightweight and occupies 2MB hard disk space. Besides its image viewing capabilities, Irfan View also supports the editing of the images. It also allows you to correct the coloring on the pictures and insert a watermark to your photos. If you enjoy adding special effects to your pictures, then you’ll find the Irfan View useful as it comes with a myriad of special effects

Supported image formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JP2&JPM, RAW, TIFF, EMF, ECW, ICO, FSH, PBM, PCX, PGM, PDF, TGA, PPM, Ogg, Flash, and other text files. 

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2. XnView MP

Best Photo viewers for Windows 10

The Xnview MP  is one of the top photo viewers in the market. It works as a photo viewer and a picture browser that comes with numerous features for improving the user experience.  XnView allows you to open the picture preview feature which lets you view the images individual folders. 

XnView MP also supports multiple image formats such as JEG, TIFF, PNG, and MRAW. More so, you can play video files with Xnview which makes it a versatile photo viewer. However, one of its downsides is you need to change the settings of the program to view images in other unpopular formats. 

Xnview’s features are many and include the slideshow function where you can select pictures to watch in a slideshow. You can also watermark and add texts to your images, add special effects to your photographs, convert your images to grayscale and swap the image colors. You can also send your pictures via email, capture the screen, and more. For HD photos, Xnviewer allows you to view and modify them easily. 

Besides, Xnview allows you to create web pages, slideshows, and video thumbnails. No matter the videos you are creating you’ll love the program which offers more for free. Overall the tool is a suitable choice as a windows photo viewer alternative.  

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3. Faststone Image Viewer

FastStone Best Photo viewer for Windows 10

Often times you may need to upload the photos in your phone to your computer to view and edit them when necessary. However, in doing so, you may encounter file formats that your photo viewer does not support. If you usually experience these issues, then you’ll find the Faststone Image Viewer useful.

The Faststone Image Viewer works with a huge variety of file formats. These include JPG, PNG, TIFF, ICO , GIF and PCX. In addition, the image viewer is compatible with photos from twelve different types of cameras. The result is a universal photo viewer that allows you to view and modify images easily.

Faststone image viewer allows you to view and modify the images on your phone, making it easier to store them on the computer. Faststone Image viewer is also free and has many transition effects in the slideshow mode, making it one of the best windows photo viewers. 

The  Image viewer also supports multi-monitor configuration, which is useful for viewing multiple images at once. The feature allows you to scroll through and view many pictures without opening each. Also, it comes with a compact version that requires no installation to run. Faststone image viewer also allows you to send your images as attachments. 

HoneyView also ships with a simple yet handy photo folder that enables you to store interesting photos for perusal later on.

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4. Honey View

 HoneyView Photo viewer

If you need to have a quick peek at your photos, then HoneyView will come to your rescue. Licensed by Bandisoft,  HoneyView is a simple , yet feature-rich and effective image viewer that is quick and allows you to view images of multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, PNM, PPM, and raw formats such as RW2, SR2, ORF, CR2, DNG, and RAF. Additionally, you can directly view images that are inside archive file formats such as TAR, RAR, 7Z, and ZIR.

The image viewer comes with other nifty tools such as a slideshow, zoom controls, and editing options such as resizing and rotating images. You can also leverage other image-enhancing options such as sharpening and softening images, gamma compensation among many others.

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5. Nomacs

Nomacs Best Photo viewer for Windows 10

Nomacs is one of the top free photo viewers in the market; it comes with a myriad of tools that allows you to view and tweak your images. Nomacs come with advanced features that are not available in most windows photo viewers. Nomacs is also available for commercial use and supports viewing of the pictures of a frameless and full-screen modes.

You can also edit your images and add notes in your free time. Also, you can use other tools to enhance the image quality, sharpen your images, rotate, resize, flip, or crop them. You can also adjust the saturation, hue, exposure, and other image features.

We have covered 5 Best Photo viewers for Windows 10. Certainly, there are many other photo viewers out there and we would be glad if you shared some of them with us.  Give one of these a road test and enjoy viewing your stunning photo collection!

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