10 Best Laptop Backpack for Women - Buyer's Guide

10 Best Laptop Backpack for Women

The first thing any laptop buyer should do is purchase protection for their new investment. It could be anything from a backpack to briefcase, anything that keeps your new device safe.

Laptop computers are an expensive affair, most good models costing above $1,000. Keeping your notebook safe is essential and crucial to the lifespan of your machine. And if you travel a lot in and out, it is doubly necessary to get rough and tumble backpack.

Something that goes beyond general commuting purposes — but still looks good.

Luckily, the choices are plenty and designed to house models of any screen size and form factor. We highlight some of the most stylish and fashionable backpacks for women looking to add some peace of mind to their daily travels. And last a while, at least as long as their laptop.

Top 10 Laptop Backpack for Women

Every woman wants something that is stylish and chic, but it is essential to choose one that is practical, as well. Some of these backpacks are costly, others affordable. But all of them are suitable for anyone who wants to carry her laptop out and about, and still look fashionable doing so.

Here are the picks:

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#1- SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Backpack

Near perfect option for students, the Travel Gear 1900 oozes practicality from all angles. The bag has two pouches, one for a laptop, another for a tablet. And the front pocket can house all your writing components like pens, pencils, and pocket notebooks.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women

This backpack protects laptops up to 17-inch in size. It opens quickly and comes in a range of different colors. Ballistic polyester ensures that it can withstand the effects of all types of weather, meaning this is a backpack that will last you seasons.

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#2 - Herschel Supply Company Retreat Backpack

Herschel Supply has a unique style going for them, and the Retreat is no exception. It comes at an appealing price point, in multiple sizes, and offers you a fleece-lined laptop sleeve, small side pocket, and even a passthrough port for headphone wires.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Available in three colors, designers dress this spacious bag in coated polyester. A reinforced bottom provides sturdiness, ensuring that nothing breaks when you set it down quickly. The flap on top also offers adequate protection, with a pull cord inside, and metal clasps. Neat design, sensible practicality.

#3 - ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad v2 Backpack

If you’re a girl that likes to game, then you’ll love the ASUS ROG Nomad. It is perfect for housing gaming laptops, even those large 17-inch ones. The laptop compartment is specially designed for the company’s series of gaming laptops and is capacious enough to pack in other peripherals too.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Not only does the Nomad looks excellent, but it also offers plenty of organizational pockets and tons of room for gals that want to bring all their stuff to the LAN party. An internal suspension system kept your notebook safe and ventilated back padding keeps you fresh and comfortable when moving.

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#4 - Booq Cobra Squeeze Backpack

In the mood to splurge? This luxury Booq is currently one of the most stylish backpacks available. The designers create curved turtle shell pack with the MacBook and iPad in mind but work well enough with any 15-inch laptop. You also get a dedicated phone pocket with a very soft lining.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women

The best bit here is that not only is the fabric durable and surprisingly smooth, it is also water-repellant. You can take it with you anywhere. And while it may look small, there’s a surprising amount of interior storage available. More colors would have been ideal, but it’s hard to go wrong here, nevertheless.

#5 - Incase Range Backpack Black Lumen

Incase may be known more for their phone cases, but the company also offers an entire line of backpacks that are great for laptop owners. The Range backpack is essentially a no-frills cycling pack, but the nylon construction, padded shoulder straps give it good comfort and ergonomic support.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women

An adjustable sternum strap comes standard, and a padded compartment handily cradles your notebook. Multiple organizer pocks and a wide-mouth top with zipper pocket make this backpack highly suitable for outgoing women that want something more than a simple pack. Standout stuff.

#6 - CoolBELL Convertible Laptop Messenger Bag

And now for something a little simple, yet still very stylishly vogue. Part briefcase, part messenger bag, and part backpack, this CoolBELL is a multifunctional creation that can fit your 15-inch laptop, as well as a tablet and other accessories.

CoolBell - Best Laptop Backpack

Oxford cloth keeps whatever you house inside safe from water, and this water resistance makes it an excellent option for women that live in rainy areas. The designers further enhance durability with anti-shock waterproof foam. And the purple color to die for.

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#7 - S-ZONE Women Genuine Leather Backpack Purse Travel Bag

You don’t find many backpacks made of leather these days. But if you’re seeking that sophisticated, professional look, then your search probably ends here. Available in three chic colors, the first layer of this backpack is made of genuine cowhide leather, and oozes class.

S Zone - Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Sturdy adjustable leather straps and extra space for phone and wallet seal the deal. You may be limited to a 14-inch and under the 14-inch laptop, but this lightweight and comfortable creation go with everything. It’s great for work, travel, school, vacation, or daily use.

#8 - Dakine Jewel Women's Backpack

Everyday style more your thing? Dakine has designed this bag for girls that want to carry their launch with their laptop. Separate compartments make sure that your thermos and lunchbox go alongside your shiny new 15-inch laptop, which fits in snugly in the discreet back panel.

Dakine Jewel - Best Backpack for Women

This pocket is insulated, meaning it will not disperse moisture and damage your laptop. The bag also has extra pockets where you can keep your other essentials safely, like a phone or wallet. The color choices are expansive, and the price inexpensive.

#9 - Kinmac Bohemian Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Sharing the same design aesthetics as the Dakine above, this vintage looking laptop backpack is a great fit for ladies that want something that is small, yet can easily carry a 15-inch notebook computer. This Kinmac is lightweight, but still contains thick foam that will keep your laptop safe, even if you fall.

Kinmac Bohemian - Best Backpack for Women

This sturdiness does not come at the expense of comfort, however. The straps are comfy and don’t hurt even when you carry heavy stuff. On the inside is a multifunction layout with many pockets where you can store all types of doohickeys and thingamajigs.

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#10 - Ogio Women's Soho Backpack

An excellent option for women that want a bag that looks professional, the material on this Ogio Soho Backpack is of outstandingly stable material. The laptop section is well padded, and opening it is effortless. There are extra compartments for storing a tablet, the cord, and other accessories.

Ogio - Best Laptop Backpack

It is one of the best bags for those that like a medium. It’s neither too big nor too small. And unlike cheaper makes, this one has superior padding on the bottom that offers reliable protection for your computer. Lightweight, too. You can carry it around all day, without fear of back and shoulder pain.

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