5 Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows 10

Why do people need an alternative for the iTunes? If you’re not familiar with the consumer world ruled by Apple, this question might not be such an important one.

On contrary, if you’re owning an iPod, iPad or an iPhone, well this is for you. Many people are battling with the iTunes every day, for managing the files between their devices, especially when they’ve a computer running Windows.

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So here are some iTunes alternatives for Windows 10.

Yes, there are some incredible music programs, supported by Windows 10, which are more effective than the iTunes. Users can download and access these iTunes alternatives for Windows 10 devices and enjoy their favourite music, TV shows, Movies, etc. from their iDevices.

Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows 10

1. iSkysoft iTransfer

iSkysoft iTransfer

It is an ultimate software, which allows you to transfer Music, Photos, SMS, and Contact without iTunes. It even has a separate version that is supported by Macs, apart from the Windows version. When you connect your phone with the computer, the iSkysoft automatically shows several features, in just one click.

In addition to this, with this you can view various phone information, such as phone name, OS info, phone’s storage, etc. from your computer itself. Interestingly, you can even convert the media file formats, before transferring it between iPhones and other devices; backup your iPhone data; rebuild your music library, etc.

2. Floola

Floola - Best iTunes Alternatives

Floola is absolutely a freeware alternative, for the iTunes and doesn’t even need an installation to run it. Some of its notable features are: It can delete or copy music files in very high speeds; able to fix some problems; and the transfer step is quite simple, just drag and drop options. But the things it has in the negative side is, the Floola takes quite a considerable some time to shut down.

3. PodTrans

PodTrans - Top Alternatives for iTunes

The name clearly indicates, Pod indicates the iPod and Trans means the transfer of data. By the way, it is an ideal data shift method to your iPod. Without iTunes, you can easily transfer music, and other media files, between your iPod and Windows 10 PC at very high speeds.

Some of its useful features are, import and export media files without getting over burdened; backing-up your files to restore data; and organize music files in a friendly and trouble-free interface. Hence, it’s too good for the new users.

4. iTools

iTools - Alternatives for iTunes

Like Floola, it is also a free alternative for iTunes, which have an excellent compatibility with Mac as well as the Windows 10. iTools have a sidebar with several options like file managing apps, transfer of music files, converting format, etc.

It supports some special features such as delete, arrange, and restore media files. It also supports music library transfer of any type of data and also allows creation of new music library. Further, it can play iTunes playlist from old iPods too. The only drawback is, it cannot monitor the progress bar in real time.

5. iMazing

iMazing / DiskAid

iMazing formerly known as DiskAid is an app manager, which assists you for the best synchronization and transfer of your media files from Windows to Mac. One of its cooling features is, you can transfer files through USB as well as through Wi-Fi too.

Some of the other features are connected to multiple devices through Wi-Fi and even via cable. It also helps to create the backup and restore data if your hard drive gets crashed. Transferring voice memos, audio books, and media files around the iDevices; and even editing, viewing and buying some apps in the manager is also possible.

Final Verdict

There are still too many iTunes alternatives for Windows 10 that we could discuss in one article. But, you don’t have to spend days in searching a better replacement. But, these 5 are the best iTunes alternatives for Windows 10, which are a good start.

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