Top 5 Best iMovie Alternative Editors for Windows 10

iMovie is Apple’s official video editing application. Right after its release in 1999, it has become the favorite video editing software for the Mac users and now for the iOS users. 

In the last two decades, it has been continuously setting a benchmark for its rivals in this section. And what more – it is free for all the Apple users. Unfortunately, it isn’t available for Windows.

Windows users have always been looking for such a software for their systems, but if you have ever tried the iMovie, you will agree it isn’t easy to find its replacement with such a performance and especially the price.

However, we have listed some best options for Windows users to get a feeling of iMovie’s performance and customization. Let us discuss them.

1. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi can undoubtedly be considered one of the best video editors for Windows 10. It is a simple video editing application whose main target is the standard, non-professional users. However, it doesn’t make it less professional software. It provides you ample of options to tinker with while editing a video. One of its best things is its support for 14 different international languages, which has made it reach worldwide. It is widely used for creating and editing wedding videos, birthday party videos, or holiday trip videos. 

While editing a video, most users look for options such as voice synching, cutting, adding/editing a piece of background music, splicing, etc. Movavi provides you with all these options and much more.

If you were using any other video editor previously, then it won’t be much difficult for you to switch to Movavi. Its interface makes it easy to get used to. 

Another great feature is, it has an excellent tutorial for beginners. The platform support every video format, even the 4K.

Since it is loaded with such great features, you can’t expect it to be free of cost. However, it does comes with a free seven-day trial version. After that, you can buy it from the three variants it provides.

Overall it can be considered as an excellent video editing option.

2. Lightworks


Lightworks is a multi-platform video editing software for Windows 10 that works on non-linear editing (NLE) system. If you are beginning your career in video editing, then Lightworks is best for you. It has a fresh and elegant interface that makes your learning easier. You have multiple options to edit the videos, like, drag and drop feature, timeline editing, trimming, adding background vocals, and much more.

It also supports major video formats such as 4K, PAL, NTSC, and higher definition. It has been in the video editing market for more than 25 years and has been used in many film editing. 

Apart from an excellent interface and a lot of editing options, Lightworks also provides other options such as free access to royalty-free audio and video, low-resolution workflow, export video for YouTube/Vimeo. It also gives you a free trial for 7 days.

3. Typito


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes even words are required to explain a photo or a video. For such editing, the Typito editor is best. Typito can be considered as a Canva of video editing. It is an outstanding tool for a semi-professional video editor, who does not have to deal with heavy rendering but wants flexible options to work on their projects.

The best advantage of Typito is, it is a cloud-based application. So portable to use. You can edit, upload from anywhere, just needed an internet connection. So, that’s the limitation too. 

Typito gives you an option to create four videos per month with its branding for free. For getting videos without branding, you have to choose one of its paid plans. 

4. Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is another great application for Windows to create a movie out of your photos, video, and music. It is very popular among Windows users with 5 million+ downloads. It is a great combination of both basic and advanced features. Movie Maker 10 comes with features such as video trimming and joining, adding background music, adding text caption, adding advanced filters, transition effects, pan-tilt-zoom effects and more.

It comes in two variant FREE and PRO. The free version allows users to use advanced option to create one movie after that tools will be limited.

5. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best alternatives to iMovie. It is simple yet powerful enough to compete with other prominent editors on the list. It provides you step by step guide to complete your project right from start to end. Each step comes with tons of video editing options. One of its key features is the vast amount of filter effects it provides to use. It makes the video editing easy with its intuitive interface, drag & drop functionality, noise removal, 4K editing, split-screen editing, and much more. 

With Filmora, you also get free access to libraries of royalty-free music. This helps you to find the perfect song for your video, right on your editor. 

The software is compatible with all the major versions of Windows.

Bonus Options

CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink Power Director is another attractive substitute to iMovie. It provides its users with lots of features ranging from cutting, trimming, joining multiple clips, and also support to 360-degree videos. It tries to bridge the gap between consumer friendliness and professional video editing. Another advantage is the frequent updates it provides. Due to the frequents updates, it has evolved brilliantly from its previous versions. CyberLink developed and launched this video editing software in September 2019. 

NCH Video Pad

NCH Video Pad provides you an advance level of video editing options. For the level of precision and the level of the creative spectrum, this could be easily placed along with the iMovie editor. NCH Video Pad also provides a way to upload the videos directly to YouTube and Facebook. The video makers are provided with advance levels of effects and filters that can be applied to the videos during editing.

Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is one of the best editing software when it comes to using audio for your videos to makes it more attractive. This is because of the reason that Corel VideoStudio has a music library of its own. It is available for free to the video maker. Thus, it becomes more manageable for you to use your favored music in the clips.

Get Corel VideoStudio. It comes loaded with lots of unique features such as stop motion animation, split-screen, track transparency, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions on iMovie Alternatives

While searching for an iMovie alternative, you might have some specific questions on your mind. Let us discuss some of them.

Is iMovie available for Windows?

No, the iMovie is till now not available for Windows. However, we have listed its alternatives in this guide, which are more than sufficient for performing the works done by it. If we look at history, almost all of the Apple products and applications are exclusively for its Mac OS or iOS. Therefore, it is believed that Apple is not going to release the Windows version of its official video maker.

Is Movavi better than iMovie?

Movavi can be called as the Window’s best answer to Apple’s iMovie. Both are simple to use, multifunctional, provide multiple editing options, support to almost every video format & extension, and much more. However, despite bundled with such astonishing features, Movavi can’t be considered better than iMovie.  

It will always be ahead with Movavi with better stability and better operating system support. Moreover, it is free to use for Mac and iPhone users. In contrast, for using the Movavi, the users have to pay a certain amount. 

Is Windows 10 good for video editing?

As an operating system, Windows 10 doesn’t have many restrictions for video editing. Though its official video editor is not useful for the semi-professional and professional video makers, it does provide lots of third-party applications that are great for video editing. 

However, if compared to Apple’s Mac OS, Windows is far behind. Apple’s official video editor is a lot more advanced than most of the Windows video editor. However, apart from OS, video editing is more dependent on your system’s hardware configuration.

So these are the best substitutes for iMovie that we could collect. You can use them as part-time or even professionally too.

However, let us be honest if you have an experience of working on iMovie, you won’t get a similar working environment on any other video editors. We also tried to answer some frequently asked questions that emerge while you look for video editing software. We hope it cleared some of your doubts.

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