7 Best Free FTP Clients for Windows 10

If you want to transfer files between your PC and remote servers, then FTP clients are a must.

FTP clients will help you upload contents to a website, back up all your necessary and private files to an offsite location.

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You can even share files with people or friends securely. But you need to choose the right client that will make it way more comfortable.

Your priority should always be security. You don’t want your shared files to fall into the wrong hands, do you? So, while you are looking for the right one, you should always consider security first.

A better FTP client would be those who provide support for proxies and encryption. Also, we should consider their interface always. People love a customizable interface. Ability to pause any download and resume is a huge plus point along with automatic pickup downloads.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of free FTP clients for you. This way you’ll know just what is the right one for you. And you won’t have even to spend any extra bucks. Just follow up and get a better way of transferring files.

So, let’s get on with it!

No#NameBest forRatingDownloadReview
1FileZillaProfessional Use*****DownloadRead Review
2Core FTP LEAdvanced Features*****DownloadRead Review
3FireFTPBrowser Extension****DownloadRead Review
4CoffeeCup Free FTPFlexible FTP Client****DownloadRead Review
5WinSCPPowerful FTP Client***DownloadRead Review
6CyberduckUser Interface***DownloadRead Review
7Classic FTPLightweight FTP Client**DownloadRead Review

Number #1 – FileZilla

FileZilla is the most popular free FTP clients on the market right now. Well, it earned it through all of its services. You would be amazed at all the features it provides. Upload any large files, and you can quickly transmit it with high security.

It’s most famous for providing high-end security and encryption of files. You can even pause and resume downloading data whenever you want.

FileZilla - Best FTP Clients

If you work with multiple websites or servers, then FileZilla is the right choice for you. The bookmarking option will save a lot of time and make everything even more comfortable. The interface is a bit overwhelming, but it would be pretty useful once you get the hang of it.

Navigating to remote sites have never been easier.

But the plus point about the interface is that it’s highly customizable. So, you can just rearrange everything you need and don’t need right away. It makes using it much simple.

And these make it the best free FTP clients for Windows 10.

Summary: A Fast, Efficient, and Highly Customizable FTP Client.

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Number #2 – Core FTP LE

Though it lacks some great highlights from Core FTP Pro, still Core FTP LE has many ones to offer. So, the free version is more than capable of handling your file transfers.

The interface is slightly different, a bit of backdating. But that’s not much of an issue. All you need an excellent working FTP client and it will satisfy you with all the services.

Core FTP LE - Best Free FTP Client

But a thing that annoyed me the most was the constant reminder every time you start the program, which you can’t use it for commercial purposes. It’s a bit annoying as you can’t turn it off.

You’ll get many features such as browser integration, pause, and resume of file transfer remote file editing, and support for proxies, firewalls, and htaccess and htpasswd editing.

Though it doesn’t have some advanced features like thumbnails, enhanced FTP scheduling and encryption and decryption. But it’s worth trying out.

Summary: Full of Advanced Features and Simple Interface FTP Client.

Number #3 – FireFTP

It’s a little than other FTP clients. You won’t get a standalone version of this one. But it’s merely an extension that you can use for Firefox. It would bring the FTP functions to the browser itself.

It’s a plus point if you already use Firefox and want to add this particular free plugin to it. This plugin would make your file transfers way easier.

FireFTP - Top FTP Clients

Although, it might feel like a bit compromising to you. But trust me it’s more than necessary. Its multi-platform support and managing different sites will surprise you. Just drag and drop any file and it will transfer the data securely.

There are SSL/TLS encryption and remote editing options available for you even if it’s just an extension. You’ll also get folder comparison for checking out what changes you need to make while uploading.

Summary: Browser extension that will fill out the gap in Firefox’s features.

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Number #4 – CoffeeCup Free FTP

Like its name, it was developed by the CoffeCup Softwares. It’s a company best known for their free HTML Editor.

But it’s not best suited for power users. So, if you are a power user, then it is best to skip this one. You will get a dull day to day file transfers along with file editing, SSH transfer and permission editing and many more.

CoffeeCup Free FTP Client

The interface is entirely customizable, but it’s full of ads. The ads are a bit annoying as it will continuously tell you to upgrade it to a paid version. The one-click backup option will back up all the data before transferring.

Not the best one but undoubtedly a great tool to try out.

Summary: Flexible FTP client but dependable on the free HTML Editor.

Number #5 – WinSCP

The fact that it’s available in light version also makes it a bit different than most of the FTP clients. So, if you don’t want to install it, you can use it without it. Working on various computers would require this kind of specific features.

You can just carry it around on a USB drive with all your files in it and can use it anywhere you want.

WinSCP FTP Client

The interface is still developing, but it’s not quite attractive. The makers are actively building the tool itself. And it’s a modern FTP client that works better than it looks.

The program supports FTP, SFTP, and even SCP. And that’s where the name came. The Commander View provides all the advanced options for you to try out. Although, it may make the interface a bit more scrambled.

But it’s a pretty good combination of power and usability.

Summary: Powerful FTP client in standard and portable versions.

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Number #6 – Cyberduck

This client is the next one on the list. It’s an open source free FTP client that has multi-platform support. If you are looking for a chic FTP client, then this is the right one for you. Cyberduck is one of a kind FTP client.

Cyberduck - 7 Best Free FTP Clients

You’ll get lots of features such as support for FTP, SFTP, OpenStack Swift, WebDAV and Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files. This feature would make it easy to deal with all your sites.

You’ll also get to optimize or customize the interface to make it even better. You’ll get to organize and bookmark all your files. The quick look option will let you see any data before transferring it.

Summary: Attractive interface with lots of features.

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Number #7 – Classic FTP

Classic FTP is a free, of course, a powerful FTP client for Windows 10. The program is portable so it won’t take up a lot of system resources.

Classic FTP Client

It has a dual-pane interface that will allow you to navigate through the files and viewing. For to transfer data to a remote server, you need to click the double-sided arrow button.

It has multi-platform support and will have an FTP SSL connectivity. Other features are bookmarking and configuration capabilities, synchronization tools, drag and drop functionality.

Summary: A lightweight tool with powerful features.

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This list is of best free FTP clients for Windows 10. All of them are pretty great as a tool but if you ask me FileZilla is the best one among them. Core FTP LE and CoffeCup are also pretty high as the FTP client.

And if you want something lighter, then Classic FTP can also be the right one for you. But the choice is yours. Try these out and choose what best suits you.

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