5 Best Firewall Programs for Windows 10

I’m sure that you all must have heard about a firewall. While some people know what it is but many don’t know what it does. And some don’t know or never have heard about the firewall.

So, before starting let me tell you a bit more about firewall and its duties in your PC.

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5 Best Firewall Programs –

What is a Firewall?

Electronic devices like computers, laptops are always connected to the internet. Now in the digital age, there aren’t many people who don’t have access to the internet. So, these devices are always vulnerable to potential threats or viruses.

These viruses can easily hack up your PC and steal your valuable information. Threats like Trojans, hackers are becoming more and stronger than ever.

Firewall is just like what its name is. It’s a barrier or protective shield that would protect your PC from potential threats. The dangers of the cyber world can’t reach you when you’re under the care of firewall.

There is always some information going out and coming in on your computer. Firewall filters this info and blocks or allows certain apps to communicate with the web.

This little trick prevents the hackers from stealing your information and using it on the black market. So, using a fully loaded web app firewall is the best way to go.

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A Good Web Application Firewall

A standard firewall gives protection, but it’s not enough. A good web application firewall along with it can serve up as the iron barrier nobody can break.

It should have:

  • Monitor outgoing information traffic
  • Keep updated with harmful applications and sites
  • Monitor incoming information traffic
  • Block attacks from outside threats like Trojans, hackers, and viruses

These firewalls would protect any software that connects to the internet. They would prevent any sorts of attack and will filter out any contents found online.

A good web application firewall will provide the best security there is. But unfortunately, if there is an existing virus beforehand or from another source than the web, it can’t help you.

It can’t remove or get rid of the malware that already damaged your PC. So, you could call it a preventive measure indeed.

You would need antivirus for these cases, or else the virus would entirely disable your PC.

There are some standard methods to attack your system. It’s better than you know it beforehand.

IP Spoofing

It is dangerous. You can never know whether it’s a malware or a trusted source. This one will make you believe that it’s a trusted program and then run it’s snooping behind.

It will take up a trusted IP address that your PC recognizes and will continue its work behind your back. But it can only work if a hacker learns about your IP address. The hacker would then modify it and make your system recognize it as its own.

And therefore, allowing it into your system.

Network Packet Sniffers

Windows NT sends network packets, and they are unprotected clear text. Which means, anyone can take up as much as information without even knowing. This method is preferably their favorite one as it’s easier to pull off.

Even though some sniffing is mandatory but most of them are just thieves.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

In this one, a middleman accesses the information traveling from one source to another. The person then copies the key and then sends it to the destination making it look like nothing happened.

So, after that, the hacker will know whatever the other two persons are talking.

Password Attacks

Passwords are the most valuable things in our life, and we try to protect it at all cost. But sometimes we fail, and hackers get their hands onto that. If someone gets access to your password, he/she will have their hands on all your private information.

So, it’s better to save up a hard password that can’t be guessed using any method.

Secure your PC with Firewall Tools

In the past, Microsoft went through some severe malware attacks. Windows seem to go through some extensive security issues. Some hackers took cruel advantage of that situation, which leads them to add the firewall.

Firewall made Windows secure again, and now it has gone through some serious upgrading.

Microsoft started building its firewall, and it’s still here. But despite that firewall attacks always happen and personal information’s gets stolen. So, it’s needless to say that, only this firewall is not enough.

What you need is an extra boost. And that’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 best firewall programs for Windows 10. They all provide high security and are extremely popular.

So, let’s find out which one better suits you.

Top Firewall Software Programs for Windows 10

No#NameBest forRatingDownloadReview
1ZoneAlarm Free FirewallReal-Time Protection*****DownloadRead Review
2Comodo Free FirewallSecure Browsing****DownloadRead Review
3GlassWireApp Monitoring****DownloadRead Review
4TinyWallLow Config PC***DownloadRead Review
5OpenDNS HomeRouter Level Security***DownloadRead Review
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Number #1 – ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is still the best one on the market. It got a lot of popularity in the days when Windows became too easily hackable. For many people, it was the first step towards a more secure PC.

It still is providing us with the benefits of extra protection that none can give. The latest version of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall would hide any open ports, identify any potential threats, disable harmful programs and connect to DefenceNet.

ZoneAlarm Firewall - Best Firewall for Windows 10

This one provides real-time security updates that would detect any treat entering the PC.

It can also protect your PC on public Wi-Fi networks.

ZoneAlarm has three security levels:

  • Low: This one is for the beginners. Well, it’s a learning mode, without any OS firewall protection and minimal pop-ups.
  • Medium: In this stage, the program would ask for permissions for accessing various Internet segments. This level is best suited for home networks with multiple systems connected.
  • High: This mode is not available for free. You can get it in the premium one. It has the Smart Defense Advisor that will help you to reduce pop-ups by configuring the apps access based on different choices made by other users. You can use public Wi-Fis without any problem.

Feature summary:

  • Threat Traffic is monitored and blocked.
  • Full Stealth Mode: Invisible to hackers.
  • Kill Controls instantly disable malicious programs.
  • Monitors programs for suspicious behavior.
  • Advanced-access Protection targets and defeats new, advanced attacks that other firewalls miss.
  • Zero-hour Protection prevents silent outbreaks from gaining system access.
  • Application Control uniquely shields your operating system during start-up.
  • Early Boot Protection uniquely shields your operating system during start-up.
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Number #2 – Comodo Free Firewall

It takes a bit more time to install Comodo Free Firewall as it comes bundled with an extra browser. So, make sure to take your time while installing it. If you don’t want to add this additional browser on your PC, just skip it.

Comodo Free Firewall will always be protecting your computer from a small window at the top right of your desktop. You will still get one-click access to sandboxed versions of Chrome, Firefox and Comodo Browser for safer surfing.

Comodo Firewall

You can run any other programs in the sandbox as well. This method gives better protection than the rest of them.

In Comodo, it’s straightforward to control permissions for different networks. The best thing is that you can create rules for specific programs too such as allowing incoming traffic, outgoing traffic, both, or neither.

Viruscope is another feature that will monitor the behavior of the running processes for any suspicious activity. So, it kind of also provides a bit of extra support acting as an antimalware software.

You can even filter out websites! Pretty great, right?

It will offer to change your DNS provider to Comodo Secure DNS for faster, safer browsing but you can skip it if you don’t feel safe.

Feature Summary:

  • Defense + Technology.
  • Intelligent antivirus & anti-malware.
  • Block unwanted traffic.
  • Home Network Security.
  • Spyware detection.
  • Game Mode.
  • Browser Cleanup.
  • Data protection.
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Number #3 – GlassWire

GlassWire has a beautiful interface with free firewall services. It will show you just which programs are trying to connect to the internet or sending and receiving data. It can potentially help you identify any unknown threats that an application might bring.

You’ll get a lot of information about the program, which might be a little overwhelming. But after some time, you would get used to it.

GlassWire Firewall - 5 Best Firewall for Windows 10

You’ll always secure whenever a new app tries to access the internet. Moreover, you can allow, block or even restrict it if you want.

The premium version of this app has more features than the free one. But the free one also comes up with some great functionality. But, if you don’t mind spending some bucks, I would recommend you to go for the premium one.

You’ll get more features as, monitoring of your webcam and microphone, storing records for more than a month, and monitoring multiple remote connections, etc.

Feature summary:

  • Visual Network Monitoring.
  • Internet Security.
  • Network Time Machine.
  • Discreet Alerts Discreet.
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitor.
  • Multiple Server Monitoring.
  • Evil Twin Detection.
  • Internet Privacy Protection.
  • Ask to Connect.
  • Lockdown mode.
  • Mini graph.
  • Detects who is using your Wi-Fi.
  • Firewall Profiles.
  • Longer graph History.

Number #4 – TinyWall

It’s a slightly different one than the rest of them. Unlike other firewall services, it won’t knock you now and then but rather when it’s necessary.

This one is a straightforward and small application that works quite well with the built-in firewall. It won’t give you an extra layer of protection, but instead, it would make the existing one more efficient.

TinyWall Firewall

The installation file is quite small, only 1.1 MB. So, you see it’s a very lightweight app. And the whole installation process is straightforward and simple and works fast once you install it.

It’s always available in the system tray. So, you can control it whenever you want. You’ll get a small menu with some features such as changing the operating mode, adding exceptions for applications, indexing the network activity and many more.

You can also tweak the General settings from this one, such as password protecting the tool. TinyWall also offers a scanning feature that works like antivirus software to stop all malicious apps and delete them.

The Advanced settings tab will allow you to configure this software according to your need. But I would recommend you to keep the pre-set settings if you don’t know what you are doing.

Also, the Maintenance tab will allow you to import and export settings, check for updates manually and visit the official TinyWall website.

Feature summary:

  • Multiple and easy ways to whitelist programs.
  • Automatic learning mode.
  • Firewall tampering protection.
  • Password lockdown of settings.
  • Support for temporary/timed firewall rules.
  • Port and domain block lists.
  • Hosts file protection.
  • Option to always allow communication within LAN.
  • Option to restrict an application to the LAN.
  • Recognition of safe software and impostors
  • List established and blocked connections.
  • View open ports on your machine.
  • 100% free and clean software. No fees, no ads, no paid upgrades.
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Number #5 – OpenDNS Home

OpenDNS is a bit unique in its way. You won’t be able to download it instead you can make changes to your router settings and connect via the OpenDNS servers.

It provides a great deal of protection as you are always in the care of the OpenDNS servers. And it also means that any device connected to it will be secured, even a mobile phone. And that’s why it’s becoming popular day by day.

OpenDNS Firewall - Top; 5 Firewall for Windows 10

It’s better to be safe from your router rather than always be on a lookout for any unknown contents. And as it offers a wide range of content filtering you can just block any materials or sites you want.

It is a great parental control app too. And the best thing is that all of its services are free.

Feature summary:

  • Multiple and easy ways to whitelist programs.
  • Automatic learning mode.
  • Visual Network Monitoring.
  • Internet Security.
  • Support for temporary/timed firewall rules.
  • Internet Privacy Protection.
  • Ask to Connect.
  • Firewall Profiles.
  • Home Network Security.
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Your Router’s Built-In Firewall

Some of you may think that only sticking with the routers built-in firewall is enough to stay protected. Well, it’s true to some extent. If you don’t use your devices outside the home, then you are pretty safe.

So, you won’t be needing any extra software to help you with that. Or maybe you can skip the additional application eating up your space.

But once you step outside there’s practically no program protecting your PC. So, connecting with the internet won’t be an excellent choice here. And that’s why I would always recommend you to choose a firewall software over anything.

Here, I’ve given the best five firewall programs for Windows 10. All of them are great and have some unique features. I would recommend you to try out, ZoneAlarm and Comodo.

The others are also great, but these two have the best overall features of them all. But the choice is yours. So, you should give them all a try and choose the best one that works for you.

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