5 Best Equalizer for Windows 10

Equalization has never been more natural. Now we can do it just sitting in front of our PC. But it wasn’t like this before was it? Before, we had to use heavy instruments to modify the audio according to our taste. And that was difficult and pretty time-consuming.

But now there are so many different software’s out there that makes the equalization process easy. You can use the equalizers to add features like Equalizer, Environment, Base Management, Surround and much more.

Though there are lots of equalizers available online few can give the output we want. So, I’ve picked the five best equalizers for Windows 10 users. Check them out first and choose what you like best!

Number 1: Realtek HD Audio Manager

Realtek HD Audio Manager is the first one on the list. It’s an open-source graphics equalizer for Windows 10. You will get different options to change sound settings in Speakers, Microphone, Stereo Mix, and Line-in.

It has ten band equalization setting. And you will be able to customize it without any fuss at all. You’ll get two types of sound effect options.

The Equalizer: This one has a band range of 31dB to 16k dB. You will be able to customize your effects and save it for future use. You’ll get many presented options such as pop, metal, rock, jazz, club and more where these came.

There’s a new effect Karaoke introduced here. It will help you track the pitch of the song. If you want to reset all back to default, just click on reset.

Environment: This one has so many environmental options for you to try out. Such as living room, Sewer Pipe, Forest, Underwater, and much more. The effects are excellent and feel like a natural one. If you select Underwater, for example, you will hear the sound as it would be precisely underwater.

More Features:

  • When you use stereo speaker configuration, you’ll get an option of virtual surround. This feature will encode the surround audio to transfer as a stereo output.
  • In the Quadphonic mode, you will be able to create a virtual environment for stereo audio.
  • If you choose 5.1 speaker mode, you’ll get Swap Center and Bass Management. The swap centre makes the low-frequency sound playback from the subwoofer. On the other hand, bass management manages noise distortion of the bass signal.
  • The room correction feature will help you set the effect according to the room.
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Number 2: FX Audio Enhancer

FX Audio Enhancer has some quality features for you. It will improve the sound quality of your computer to a great extent. You’ll get 3D Surround, booming bass, higher fidelity, dynamic gain boosting and much more.

The tool will let you have a more productive and more precise experience no matter where you visit. Maybe you are watching a video on YouTube or a series on Netflix or even surfing through Spotify; you will always get the best audio experience.

It’s a pretty simple equalizer. But it will improve the audio quality by adding different features to it.

More Features:

  • FX is very easy to use. The installation is simple too. Just install, equalize and start playing tracks.
  • Harmonic Fidelity Restoration will eliminate the muffled sound. The sound is an artefact of the data compression algorithms that applications use in Internet audio formats.
  • Closely located speakers or poor environ will diminish the stereo depth. But it will provide Ambience Stereo Imaging that will fill up the hidden depth.
  • You’ll get to boost the sound system with minimal distortions level. It’s called dynamic gain boosting.
  • Different modes are available as filters.
  • Different effects are available such as rock, jazz, pop, etc. The sound quality of the enhanced audio will feel natural.
  • You’ll get different stylish skins to choose from.
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Number 3: Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows is another open-source equalizer. You will get different audio effects to try out. The equalizer has overall some great features such as Equalizer, reverberation, Surround, ViPER XBass, ViPER XClarity, Convolver, and Compressor.

The equalizer will let you customize the audio through 18 bands! That’s a lot, right?

The band ranges from -120dB to 13dB. There are also different presets available for you such as Super bass, rock, blues style, jazz and much more.

More Features:

  • The Surround option will set sound effects according to the different surrounding. You’ll get options such as smallest room, small room, mid-size room, large room, and largest room.
  • ViPER XBass will add extra bass to your audio. You can fully customize it according to your comfort level.
  • ViPER XClarity will control the noise distortions in the tracks. You will have three options to choose from here, such as Natural, Ozone+, and X-Hifi. You will also get an adjustment bar to set the desired distortion in Decibels.
  • Reverberation will give you effects, such as Room size, Damping, Density, Bandwidth, Decay, Pre-delay, Early mix, and Wet mix.
  • The compressor will allow you to make your audio pitch high. But compressing too much will distort the audio.

This software is a full package for Windows 10. The tool also has three different modes with all the above features for you to tweak, such as Music mode, Movie mode, and Freestyle.

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Number 4: EqualizerAPO

Equalizer APO is more of a complex level equalizer that uses a wide-ranging technique of adjusting the audio track on your PC. It will improve the quality and the power of the sound to a great extent. It doesn’t have a graphics interface.

The installation process will select the audio devices it will equalize. It will give you the full support list, so, you won’t have any problem whatsoever.

To configure you have to go to the configuration TXT file with a vast number of filters. It’s moreover a similar process, and you have written the specific configuration you need in the text file.

More Features:

  • 3D surround sounds.
  • It cancels crosstalk for all types of audio system.
  • Unlimited audio profiles are available to choose.
  • Customizable to a great extent.
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Number 5: Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS is the last one on the list. It’s a great audio tool for you to try out. It’s a rather different than others. It will constantly adapt the audio sound depending on your audio system.

The software uses a process called listens that will listen to the sound as humans do. The tool adjusts the tones that are most important to you at a very steady volume level. And that makes it unique. So, it’s a great too, for everyday use.

More Features:

  • Select the output device. This action will change the settings per device accordingly.
  • The two different options for contents are Music and Movie, and they both have a different vibe.
  • DPS Hear option will let you use your headphones safely to a level where it won’t damage your hearing but will maintain excellent audio quality.
  • Bass and Treble will allow you to create the perfect tone you want.
  • Different effects are also available as the rest of them.
  • The installation is quite comfortable with a simple interface.
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​These are the five best equalizers for Windows 10. They all have more or less the same features. But some of them have taken it to a whole another level.

I would recommend you Realtek HD Audio Manager and Viper4Windows. The features of these two are extraordinary. But choosing the best one is up to you. So, choose wisely.

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