5 Best Windows 10 Email Clients (Unique and Chosen Ones)

5 Best Windows 10 Email Clients

  • July 3, 2017

Obviously, each and every day the number of bloggers and mail senders are increasing significantly, at a quick pace. Escalating persistent stream of emails makes it much more agonizing. To be precise, emails are now a huge part of our personal or official life.

Taking this into consideration, it is definitely important, to choose a good email client.

With it, we can effectively deal all our email necessities and organize them, so that we can have a less tumultuous life to lead. And when it comes to Windows 10, we could find incalculable measures of email clients.

Many of them have been conveying our innovative ideas to present all the clusters of information in a simple manner. Of course, if there are too many email clients, it is very hard to find out which one is the best.

Don’t get fret, our today’s article is to help you to find out the best Windows 10 email clients.

1. ThunderBird

ThunderBird was created by the Mozilla foundation that holds an extensive set of features. Some of its excellent built-in features include Quick filter toolbar; Message Archive; Phishing protection; Automated update; Mail Account Setup Wizard; Attachment Remainder, etc.

It also supports a one-click address book, which allows you to add people or contacts to your address book very easily.

Windows 10 email clients

2. Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a free email client, formerly bundled with the Opera web browser and Opera Mini. Interestingly, it is a great tool to access multiple email accounts at the same time that enables to avoid opening multiple browsers.

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Some of the other interesting features are, quickly view the previous messages; offline access; Auto start; attachments label; smart spam filters; etc.

Windows 10 email clients

3. eM Client

eM Client is a free email client, rendered with modern features, provided within a simple interface. However, the free version of it is limited only for 2 email accounts. In that note, like Opera, eM Client, this one can also access multiple email accounts. The cool thing here is, it has been fully optimized to run efficiently on the Windows 10 platform.

eM Client also offers to manage calendar; tasks; messages; chat support for Gmail; iCloud; Outlook; and quick and easy importing procedures from your old email account. It also supports super-fast searching and finding operations to find any specific emails, contacts, or attachments.

Windows 10 email clients

4. Claws Mail

Firstly the Claws Mail’s interface is quite arduous to use, but it also has some much interesting features. Particularly its search engine is too good and is expandable via plug-ins. Further, the Claws Mail is also updated regularly, stamping out the bugs quickly, so it’s hard to run into one. Like others, the Claws Mail also provides some special features, such as fast GUI and mail handling; handling multiple accounts; Mime attachments; Filtering; Usenet reading & posting; and User defined headers.

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Windows 10 email clients

5. Alpine

Alpine is originally based on the Pine messaging system, developed by the University of Washington. It is a quickly responding program and can give an excellent experience for both inexperienced email users and demanding power users.

Techies like programmers, power users, geeks and developers can also love to use this email client. Features include fast interface; support HTML text viewing; good console application; provides great keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 10 email clients


These are the best Windows 10 Email clients, which you can use, to manage all your email accounts. Choose the appropriate one and begin working with its own unique features.

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