5 Best Alternatives to Skype

Skype has always been my favorite choice for any sorts of video calling. And as long as I know it’s a lot of people’s first choice. That was because Skype did provide good quality video calls than other apps before.

But now there are many issues with it. Whether it’s their server problems or it’s too slow or lagging, people are looking for a solution for this. Though, there has been news that they are shutting down their desktop services for good.

So, many people are looking for alternatives to use in desktop but with similar quality output like Skype. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place, my friend.

Because today, I’ll tell you about the five best alternatives to Skype that you can use. These are compatible and supports the desktop feature.

Why the Replacement?

There are too many reasons for looking for an alternative. The fact that, Microsoft is shutting down Skype for good. And the desktop versions have already stopped working on some cases.

Skype does not sync with the devices. So, if you delete your messages from one device, it’ll be gone for good. So, there aren’t any backup options for your messages. Also, it’s quite slow and massive software for that matter.

So, alternatives are not a bad choice at all. In fact, many people are going for the alternatives instead of Skype nowadays. So, let’s get on with it.

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5 Best Alternatives to Skype

Alternative 1: Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the best one on the list. Saying “hi” or video chatting has never been easier. Hangouts are becoming popular day by day. And It’s free of cost.

Kind of like hanging out with your friends but on the internet. The best thing is that you don’t have to sign up for it. You’re going to use your Gmail id as the Hangouts id, which is cool. Hangouts have a lot of features that are surely amazing.

Google Hangouts - Best Skype Alternatives

Features of Google Hangouts

  • Platform Support: Google Hangouts supports any platform or operating system. So, you can use it on any device you wish.
  • Sync: It will keep all your messages or contacts synced with all of your devices all the time. It’s super-fast so you can switch from one to another without any trouble at all.
  • Instant Messaging: Instant messaging is fast and full of Emoji packs. You can also share files, photos, GIFs, videos and so on. The group chat can include up to 150 people.
  • Video Call: Video calls are of high quality, and you won’t have any problems with it. The app supports one on one along with a group calling up to 10 peoples. That’s a huge number. And all the group call will be of the same quality as of the one on one. You can also send small videos clips in the messages.
  • Voice Call: You can also do audio call with your friends. It will be like making a regular phone call to your buddies. Though, it’s allowed in the US and UK with some charges.
  • Security and Privacy: You don’t have to worry about a thing about privacy or security of your messages. It’s a Google product, and we all know how Google is with security. So, all your files will be safe and untouchable.

Google hangouts are first on the list for a reason. You will all the features of Skype along with some extra features. So, if you have a Gmail account then just go to Hangouts.

You can also use this in any browser and just sign in with your Google account. This way you don’t even have to download the tool. Just sign in and chat up with friends and family.

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Alternative 2: Viber

Viber is the next fresh alternative you could try out! Though it’s not famous as Google Hangout, it still gives a pretty good service. Viber was first a mobile app only, where you could call from mobile or chat with friends.

But now after gaining popularity, Viber has launched it on all platforms. So, you can surely use it in Windows 10 and Mac or Android without any fuss.

Viber - Skype Alternatives

Features of Viber

  • VoIP service: Viber is a VoIP service which means you can call anywhere around the globe. But you have to make sure the other person has Viber too!
  • No ads: It’s free of cost. Though, we see free apps with lots of ads that are annoying. But not this one, it’s ad-free!
  • Emojis and GIF: We know that Skype supports Emojis and GIF and other file sharing services. Well, Viber has some unique collection of Emojis and stickers that are famous. You can also share media files along with GIFs.
  • Platforms: It supports any platform such as Android, Windows, and Mac and so on. It’s fast and lightweight than Skype.
  • Audio calls: making audio calls have never been easier. Viber is usually popular for the quality of the audio calls. It also has IM capabilities.
  • Video calls: Video calls are also perfect. But I think they need to work a little bit more on that, as there seem to be call drops for no reason.

The only fault that I found was that when someone calls you on Viber, you have to open up the app every time and drop a message that you are available. Though, this hasn’t affected the growing popularity. And I’m sure you’re going to love it too!

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Alternative 3: ooVoo

ooVoo is another popular yet a little different video call app. ooVoo allows you to make calls anywhere around the world. You will get the highest quality group calling with this one.

You can even text anyone while on the video calling. It’s completely free of cost, and you can download it anytime you want.

ooVoo - Skype Alternatives

Features of ooVoo

  • Platform Support: It will not matter what device or what platform you are using, ooVoo supports all. You can use it in Android smartphones, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, Microsoft Windows phone, Android tablet, MAC, and of course PC.
  • Instant Messaging: By using ooVoo you can chat with friends, send them GIFs, Videos, different Emojis and even files; All the basic features of Skype.
  • Video or Voice Call: ooVoo will let you have a high-quality video call with a friend’s, or you can start up a group conversation with 12 people! And it would be of the same quality. It is the best feature of ooVoo as it supports the highest amount of group call with excellent video quality.
  • Text while Video Call: You can also text while calling and can even record a video call and send it later. The most exciting future is that you can watch Youtube videos with your friends when your group video chatting with them. You can also make a cell phone call or landline using credits in ooVoo
  • Security and Privacy: ooVoo is highly secured app. It takes good care of all your private messages and files. So, no one can see it.

ooVoo will provide the best quality services, and you can easily go for it without a fuss. I assure you will have a pleasant experience using it.

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Alternative 4: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the name of another exclusive app you could use as an alternative to Skype. It’s the most popular messaging app nowadays. I’m sure you have heard of it or saw your friends use it. It is compacted with features and will let you have quality calls with your friends and family.

WhatsApp - Top Alternatives for Skype

Features of WhatsApp

  • Platforms: It supports any platform such as Android, Windows, and Mac and so on. It’s fast and lightweight than Skype. Though, it’s not available for Linux users.
  • Sign Up options: You don’t have to sign up for Whatsapp, you can use your phone number instead. Whatsapp will automatically load all your contacts from your device and will let you know who has Whatsapp on their phone and who doesn’t
  • Security and Privacy: Whatsapp is highly secured app. It takes good care of all your private messages and files. It provides end-to-end encryption for all your messages. So, there is no chance that someone will see it.
  • Group Call: you can add up to 10 peoples in your group calling, and that’s a generous amount. But unfortunately, video calling is limited to iOS platforms only. But they are bringing it to the platforms.
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Alternative 5: Jitsi

It’s the last one on the list, and it’s free for chatting and video calling. You will see some unique features in this one such as video conferencing, voice message, instant messaging, file transferring, and desktop sharing, and so on.

The remarkable thing is that it’s available in 30 different languages and millions of people are using it for video calling. This tool has some other messaging platforms in it such as Facebook Messenger, Google Talk and others in this app. So, you can have all your messages come in one platform.

Jitsi - Best Alternatives to Skype

Features of Jitsi

  • Platform Support: It is currently available for desktop versions only and limited to the platform. Though, its Android version is in a development process and will be available soon.
  • Instant Messaging: Jitsi supports one on one conversation along with group chatting. You can also send files and use GIFs and Emojis too!
  • Video or Voice Call: You will be able to do high-quality video and voice calls with this one. You can also do video group calling.
  • Security and Privacy: Your messages are safe with Jitsi as it uses OTR encryption for the chat and ZRTP for voice calls.

Jitsi is a bit different than other apps as you will have all other messaging apps integrated with this one. But this makes it way more efficient than the rest of them.

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These are the 5 best alternatives to Skype. All have more or less the same features but differs in the quality of the output. Do give them a try and you’ll know what suits you best. But I would recommend to check out Google Hangouts and ooVoo.

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