5 Automatic Tools to Maintain Windows 10

Admit it, no matter how high-end PC or laptop you buy, it slowly speeds down with time. Even the tech geeks suffer from slowed down PCs. If you take great care of it, your PC will give you the return. With Windows 10, things have become very easy these days.

Typically, your PC download updates automatically. Just connect to the internet and rest would be taken care of by Windows 10.

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Some fantastic tools can help you make your PC work smooth again. There is nothing in the world that is so frustrating like a slowed down PC. Well, in some cases you could say that slow internet is more frustrating.

Anyways, let’s get down to the main content. Today as you know we would talk about the five best automatic tools that would help your PC from being miserable. And the best part is – they are entirely free!

I am going to talk about five essential tasks and the tools to use. So, let’s get started!

No#NameBest forImportanceDownloadReview
1WinDirStatDisk Space Analyzer80%DownloadRead Review
2CCleanerFile Cleanup & Optimizer70%DownloadRead Review
3Geek UninstallerApp Uninstaller60%DownloadRead Review
4MalwareFoxMalware Hunter100%DownloadRead Review
5SpeccySystem Information Provider60%DownloadRead Review

1. WinDirStat – Disk Space Analyzer

Do you know how much space of your hard disk is dumped up with junk files? If you are a tech-savvy, you would know. But regular users would not imagine that gigabytes of their hard disk storages are used up storing the garbage.

So, what you should do? Just analyze the disk space of your hard disk and clean up the wastes. In this case, you could surely use WinDirStat.

WinDirStat - Automatic Maintenance Tools for WIndows 10

You could clean them up manually. But the problem is Windows system is like a labyrinth of files and folders. You could easily wind up within the maze. Moreover, all the empty folders whose directory you might not even remember. Do these procedures sound complex to you? A lot of people finds it a real hassle.

Want to keep things simple and easy? Just try out WinDirStat. I am not going to sound like a salesperson. I am just telling you to give it a try. What I liked most about it is how it scans and sorts the folders. After that, you could even look deeper and see which folders are eating up all the spaces.

Sounds like a Superman for stopping the lags to me!

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2. CCleaner – File Cleanup & Optimizer

After you eat, plaques stick in between your gums and teeth. Likewise, when you browse the internet, some temporary files take up a lot of the storage. You need to clean this data after a while. You can categorize the Files like browser caches, system log files, thumbnails, and the temporary installer in this section.

To get rid of it, I would tell you to go to the market leader – CCleaner.

CCleaner categorizes the file types – Windows and third-party software.

CCleaner Analyzer - Windows 10 Maintenance Tools

First, you would analyze the system. After you could check the files that you want to keep. Just let them uncheck and rest of the data would be cleaned. Typically, you could just save 1 GB plus junk files.

Trust me, once you clean them up a feeling grows inside your core. Maybe you could call that peace after freedom!

Apart from that, CCleaner can also do a registry clean-up. Still is somewhat unnecessary as it doesn’t cause many problems.

There is also a pro version of the application with more exciting features more in-depth scanning, real-time system monitoring and a lot more. If you are a maintenance enthusiast, you could give it a shot. It will not be a waste of money.

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3. Geek Uninstaller – App Uninstaller

A lot of us stay a bit calm after uninstalling a spam app even Shift+Deleting all its files, right? Well, don’t get mad but not all the data are cleaned up after uninstalling it. They leave their traces and sometimes they could be trojans or any other malicious software.

If you think these files are not malicious, still they use up a lot of disk spaces. Why should you be wasting your hard drive spaces for keeping the junks that you don’t want?

That’s why you need a complete app uninstaller.

I would suggest you go for the Geek Uninstaller.

It is one of the best uninstaller available in the market right now. Its surprisingly small file size of 2.5MB makes it handy. It’s entirely free but has a premium version is also available.

Geek Uninstaller - Automatic Maintenance Tools

The ultimate lightweight feature it works like a ninja. You could not have any idea if the application is working or not. The geek installer would scan up your PC and make a list of all the apps installed. You would get surprised to see the list as a lot the names will not be even familiar.

Don’t waste a single second and uninstall them. Some of these programs would be a little stubborn. There is a feature naming force uninstall to give it the hard push. There is another interesting feature that caught my attention. If you don’t recognize any app, it gives you an option to look into the name.

The uninstaller comes in with 30 languages to make it more yours! It will not do any kinds of depth scans. So, if you are looking for anything flashier, then you should look for something else. But if you need to cover up only the basics then go for it. Just go for it right now!

Let me sum up all the features. It would help you to get rid of all the unwanted, stubborn & evil looking junky applications. You will not have to go through hassles of installing it, it’s portable.

You could see and crosscheck the list if the installed applications in an HTML file.

The simple view menu will enable you to switch between desktop apps and the Windows app store.

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4. MalwareFox – The Malware Hunter

Malware, sometimes this name makes us go crazy. All of us have faced the hassles of malware at any point in our computing life. Aftereffect can be very severe. If they are only making your PC slow, then you should consider yourself quite the lucky person.

In some cases, your PC could be taken over by a hacker, your data would be in their hand, and you could become a puppet in their hands. Sounds terrifying? Yes, it does!

Well, it will not be so terrifying if you have the MalwareFox! In the cybersecurity industry, MalwareFox has earned quite the impression. I had no other option, but to test it myself. And the test results are satisfying. I tried the premium version, though.

MalwareFox - Best Maintenance Tools

Let’s have a better look at it about what it can do

It would scan, detect and clean up the malware. In this option would scan it and select the remove option to clean the malware. In the free version, there is no real-time protection.

Although in the premium version, you could get real-time protection. It helps to cut the root of the problem. The malware will not even get a chance to be installed.

These you must hear the tales of the ransomware. It makes your all the data of the hard disk encrypted. If you pay the ransom, they might decrypt the data again.

They can steal all your necessary files and information. Well, the MalwareFox gives you a rebel against the ransomware. Just upgrade to the premium version. There might be some holes in any applications that you are running. These are called zero-day vulnerability.

If an application has this vulnerability, the hackers might attack your PC. This attack is a zero-day attack. MalwareFox premium would give you an edge over this ungodly thing!

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5. Speccy – System Information Provider

Have you ever wonder if there were a sticker on your PC that has all information about your system? A label that has all the details of your PC specs like – CPU, graphics details, storage information or the motherboard specs is always desirable to us.

You might remember the basic, but I am talking about the details of all kinds of information. You could even forget them after a year or so.

The application naming Speccy is here to do the exact thing for you. It would also provide you with tags if any hardware needs changing.

The very vision of a virtual sticker that has all the information of your PC has to fuel the designing of the Speccy.

Speccy - Top 5 Automatic Maintenance Tools

If you like the CCleaner from the list above, then you would be relieved to hear that it comes from the same developer. Speccy would analyze and list out all the information including the driver information if they are updated or not.

You would also be able to view the real-time analysis of the GPU and CPU usage. You can also check the GPU temperature easily. It would monitor your hard disk’s health and give a S.M.A.R.T. disk report.

There is another excellent use for the troubleshooters. If a client asks to check their PC and problem they are facing; you could just ask them to install the Speccy and take the analysis report from them to what is under the hood. The scan result can be a text or an XML file depending on your choice.

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My list of 5 automatic tools that would help you maintain your PC and its performance as a professional. If your PC is slowing down and need a bit of tweaking, give these applications a shot. What are you waiting for? Give them a try and give us your feedback.

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