How to Enable Auto-Login on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a feature that enables you to bypass the lock screen and login automatically to your computer. If you prefer booting your PC faster without a login screen, then you’ll find our guide useful. Besides, enabling auto-login means getting rid of the password prompt that you have to enter each time you open your computer. 

The benefits of disabling the lock screen in Windows 10 are many. First, you don’t have to remember the password every time as your computer automatically signs in. Secondly, it helps save time especially if one is busy and wants to whiz past the login session and get straight to work. The procedure for enabling auto-login is the same: whether your system is Windows 7, 8, or 10.

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In this tutorial, we look at different ways that you can enable auto-login on Windows 10.

Using the User account Settings

  1. Press Windows Key +R  to open the run command box. Type ‘netplwiz’ in the box and hit  ENTER

  2. Next, select the user account you want to enable the auto-login for and uncheck the ‘Users must enter a name and password to this computer’ option as shown below.

  3. Click the ‘Apply‘ button and press ‘OK‘ to exit the page

  4. The user account page will prompt you to enter the password for the account you want to start without a password automatically.Prompt before disabling Password

  5. Finally, Reboot your PC. After restarting your computer, the user account will automatically log you in without a password. 

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Enable Auto-Login Using the Registry

The registry is another useful tool for turning on auto login in Windows 10.

To enable Windows 10 auto-login using the registry feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Windows Key+ R.  Type “Regedit” and press ENTER.regedit
  2. On the registry editor page, click and follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  3. Locate the “DefaultUserName” attribute on the right side. Default username
  4. Double-click on the attribute and ensure the “value data” text field bears the name of the account user name that you desire to enable autologin.Value data
  5. On the right side of the menu again, look for an attribute called ‘DefaultPassword‘. If it’s not present, create one by right-clicking and selecting ‘New‘ then ‘String Value‘. Select New then String Value
  6. Rename the file to ‘DefaultPassword‘ and enter your current Microsoft user account password in the box below Default Password YourPassword
  7. Now create another String Value and name it AutoAdminLogon
  8. Double-click on it and set its Value data as 1.Edit AutoAdminLogon
  9. Press ‘OK‘  to save the changes. Now restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
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Bypass Password Using the Auto Login Tool

The auto-login tool is a free app by Microsoft that allows you to bypass the lock screen and access your user account directly. To start with Auto logon, download it to your computer. Launch the app to initialize the process. On the logon app page, indicate your user account credentials and click the “Enable” button. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

  1. To start with Auto logon, download it to your computer from here.
  2. Launch the app by double-clicking Autologon.exe to initialize the process.Run Autologon.exe
  3. Click Yes if prompted by User Account ControlAutologon UAC Prompt
  4. Enter your login credentials and click on EnableEnable autologon
  5. If a success message is displayed, the AutoLogon is enabled successfully.AutoLogon success
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Final Words

Enabling auto logon in windows 10 is not a daunting feature when you know what to do. You must have realized that the second method is more complicated than the first. However, regardless of your choice, the result is enabling auto-login in windows 10. We hope you found this insightful. In this topic, we demonstrated how you can enable auto-login on Windows 10. Thank you for your time.

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How to Enable Auto-Login on Windows 10 FAQs

1. Is there any direct application to enable auto login in Windows 10?

YES, an app known as AutoLogon which is officially provided by Microsoft would enable auto login in just a few clicks.

2. Is enabling Auto Login safe?

If you are working at a place where you are sure that nobody would try to open your system, then enabling auto-login is a good option since it speeds up the startup process. However, if your system contains some essential files, then it is not safe to enable auto-login.

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