Windows 10 Run Commands you should Know

Windows 10 Run Commands

Windows run commands allow you to access the features and applications to customize them quickly. With simple keystrokes, you can reach deep down to your operating system files. If learned and applied correctly, these commands can significantly improve your work efficiency.

10 Best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10

context menu editors

Context menu provides us with a lot of options to manage our files and folder such as cut, copy, paste, delete, and rename. Here are the best context menu editors to modify the options which can extend as well as delete existing options.

New Windows 10 Acrylic Design – Too Beautiful to be True?

Windows 10 God-Mode

A designer named vGLAD on twitter has imagined and created an amazing Windows 10 concept art, which is highly inspired by Windows 10X. The concept reimagined how Loading Screen, Start Menu, App Icons, and Weather App of Windows 10X, will look in Windows 10.

Isn’t Edge as secure as Chrome?

Chromium Edge Browser

When the Edge users try to download an extension from Chrome’s Webstore, they get a warning by Google, suggesting them to switch to Chrome for using the extensions securely.