7 Ways to Disable Windows 10 Automatic updates

This was inevitable even though Microsoft tried as hard as possible to avoid it. Users are getting sick and tired of the automatic updates and the feeling of helplessness they create to the end-user. Now it actually was well intended by Redmond. They wanted to set up a logical bug testing rhythm and cadence that … Read more

Download the official Windows 10 RTM ISO files

Download Windows 10 RTM Build iso

Wow. After publishing so many Windows 10 builds, the time has finally come to make the announcement. Here goes.. (choked up here).. Microsoft has released the official Windows 10 RTM ISO’s (wow – surreal). Some requirements: A good internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply). A blank USB or DVD (and DVD burner) with … Read more

How many versions of Windows 10 are there?

So this is in response to a question from James Rhodes about Windows 10. His question: “Just how many versions of Windows 10 will there be?”. Great question James. We keep on getting updates about specifically how many versions there are and specifically who they are for so we will keep this page updated chronologically. … Read more