5 Mac Themes for Windows 10 with look-alike Skins

Mac Themes for Windows 10

Though Windows 10 default theme is excellent, many users love giving their OS a different look with new themes and skins. Besides, not only does a theme change your computer’s visual interface, but it also improves your user experience.

Fix Modern Setup Host 100% Disk Usage

Fix Windows 10 Annoyances

If you experience a slower computer (100% disk) and open the Task Manager, you may find the Modern Setup Host at high disk usage. Here are 5 ways to fix the problem and bring back usage to normal.

How to fix Windows 10 Mouse Lag?

Change Mouse Sensitivity

A freezing or lagging mouse can be quite frustrating. In most occasions, it wastes your times and prevents you from comfortably working away on your PC. In this article, we explore different ways you can employ to fix mouse lag in Windows 10.

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7 Best Sega Genesis Emulator for Windows 10 PC

Sega Genesis Emulator for Windows

The discontinuation of Sega Genesis does not mean we can’t play Sega games on our Computer. The good news is that you can use the best Sega Genesis Emulator for Windows 10 PC to relive the old times or for nostalgia.

5 Alarm Clock Apps for Windows 10

alarm clock

You can install a few alarm clock Applications which will always ting when it’s time to get rolling. In this tutorial, we cover some of the best alarm clock apps for Windows 10.

7 Best Dreamcast Emulators for Windows 10

sega dreamcast

There’s no doubt that Dreamcast consoles were a flawless console which gave joy to thousands of children who enjoyed its popular games like Sonic Adventure 2. Well then, the Sega Dreamcast emulators allow you to play the old awesome Dreamcast games once again.

How to Fix Thumbnails Not Showing In Windows 10

thumbnail not showing

When you open a directory that contains files i.e. images and videos, you normally see their thumbnails. These thumbnails enable you to find the files you’re looking for easily. In this article, you will learn how to fix thumbnails not showing on Windows 10.

7 Tools to Speed SSD and Hard Disk Drives

what is taking space on hard disk

Occasionally, your PC could slow down as a result of your hard drive inconsistencies and other issues.

Thankfully, there is a selection of tools at your disposal that can help you solve the problem.