5 Best Alternatives for Logic Pro on Windows 10

Logic Pro X is one of the best recording studio programs on the market. The editing power of Logic Pro is astonishing. But unfortunately, it’s only available for Mac platform. That means you won’t be able to use this program if you are on Windows. So, how can you get the similar experience on Windows?

10 Killer Dark Themes for Windows 10

Do you want your Windows 10 to look a bit dark? I know that many of you including me want a more mysterious look than usual Windows 10. So, if you want to transform your Windows 10 to give a darker look entirely, then you should probably read on.

5 Batch File Renamers for Windows 10

Working with a lot of files can give you a lot of stress. Renaming all of them one by one, just to change a word is a headache. This articles lists advanced file renaming utilities which can rename files in batch without manual efforts.

5 Best Color Picker Tools for Windows 10

Well, you never know where you might find inspiration right? So, you need a perfect tool to pick up that exact color. And you’ll know just what to use after today, solving all your problems. Here is a list of best color picking tools for Windows 10.

5 Best Firewall Programs for Windows 10

Firewall is a protection layer between your computer and the Internet. It can be used to monitor connections and detect malicious attempts by spyware or trojan to send or receive data from hackers. We list some of the best firewall software programs available for Windows 10 computers.

8 Best Planner and Calendar Apps for Windows 10

Tired of the old calendar app? Want something with a little more horsepower? Calendar apps and planner apps are great for reminding you of upcoming schedule and essential events.

How to Assign Static IP Address in Windows 10

Not only on Windows 10 but setting a static IP address would probably render you best in any case. Assigning a static IP address will allow your PC to provide other devices or port forwarding configurations seamlessly. Here’s how to do it using this article guide.

Should I Delete Temporary Files?

Temporary files accumulate over time because not all of them are wiped off after use. These can be log files, downloaded files, unnecessary Windows registry entries, etc. So, should you delete them to free up some space or it this unsafe to do so?

How to use Two Keyboards and Mice on One Computer

Have you ever wondered if you could use two mice on a single PC? No, you are not the only odd duck out there! There are plenty of scenarios where another set of keyboard or mouse seems quite handy like – using another wireless mouse from a distance while watching a movie.