5 Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

The improvements in the Microsoft Office Suite still makes PowerPoint the go-to presentation app for most people. However, there are alternatives out there which offer a different experience. Get more details about it in this article.

How to Control Windows 10 Remotely

Controlling Windows 10 remotely opens a lot of opportunities. Troubleshooting a friend’s computer can now be done using your computer. Also, you can easily access your computer through your smartphone when you are not at home.

What Is Windows 10 Black Edition? Is it Real?

Windows Black Edition are popular for almost every operating system released by Microsoft. However, if these are official builds or just modded by tech enthusiast is actually a question. In this article, we dig down the truth about Windows 10 Black Edition release.

8 Best USB Encryption Software

A SanDisk survey shows the necessity of protecting data in portable drives. The increasing use of USB drives in business and corporate setting makes it imperative to put security layers in place. The best way to protect data and storage is to encrypt it.

8 Best Webcam Video Recording Software

While professional productions use expensive equipment, most content creators still rely on the trusted webcam. We listed different recording software from free options to premium software. You will also see feature-rich applications to no-frills options which will fit your needs.

How to Connect Two Computers via Ethernet

Sharing files, printers, and other drives over the network are easier when the computers are connected using an Ethernet cable. Here’s a quick guide on how to connect two computers using an Ethernet connection.

10 Ways to Open PSD Files without Photoshop

There are many image formats around. One of the most popular image-editing file types is PSD. Here are 10 ways to open PSD Files without Photoshop. We include Image Editors, Viewers, Converters as well as online applications to accomplish the task.

How to See Who’s on Your WiFi

WiFi is a necessity of the contemporary life. You might want to know how to see who is on your WiFi to ensure security and unnecessary slow internet speed. Get the list of connected devices to your Wireless network and create rules accordingly.

How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10

You have files and folders that require security. The content of the file is either sensitive or personal. How to password protect a folder in Windows 10? Let’s learn how to do it without using any software application and also using some best folder locking software.