5 Best Replacements for Audio Mixer in Windows 10

Windows 10 has introduced a new Audio Mixer. To be honest, it’s not what I actually expected. Windows 10 is a shiny, sleek operating system that has thousands of awesome apps and features. But this one seemed a bit out of the picture. The new Audio mixer is pretty bad and won’t let you change volume according to your wish.

That’s sad actually. But don’t worry you can always switch to other Audio Mixers if this is just not for you. There are tons of replacements for Audio Mixer in Windows 10 but which ones are the best? Do you want to know? Let’s find out!

1. Volume2

Volume2 is first on the list because it offers some advanced features which others don’t. It’s my personal favorite!

The features include 30+ skins which can be masked on the default Windows 10 Audio Mixer. Oh, there’s something else! An On-Screen Display (OSD) feature is also available which will show you an on-screen volume change visual when the volume levels are being adjusted. So cool, right?

Volume2 - Best Audio Mixer

There are also other notable features of Volume2:

  • Volume and mute notifications.
  • You can use hotkeys to control several functions including controlling the volume, brightness balance the channels and much more.
  • You can set triggers to adjust the volume accordingly.
  • Screen edges can be used for adjusting the volume.
  • Command line support is also available in Volume2.

The installation is quite easy and straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about any extra hassle. Though there is no main application window, you’ll get a configuration panel that allows you to control all aspects of the application along with the volume changing tasks that should be carried out.

Once it’s installed in the system, it will be waiting for your command. So it could be your best replacement of Audio Mixer for Windows 10.

2. Volumouse

Volumouse is also another perfect match for your Windows 10. The basic idea behind it is quite simple: You just have to spin the mouse wheel while holding down certain keys or mouse buttons, and interesting things will happen.

This may not seem like a new thing. I mean we all know that holding down Ctrl or Shift while scrolling the wheel is a pretty common command but Volumouse takes this concept and stretches it to its logical extremes.

Yes, it does. It will let you hold any key while scrolling the mouse wheel and make different changes to the Audio system.

Volumouse - Best Audio Mixer

But there are some rules that contain four basic fields:

  • Use the wheel when: This field is the basic one of the rule. If you select ‘Alt key is down,’ for example, then this rule will only be activated when you’ll be pressing the Alt key down. You can always disable a rule by selecting Disabled in this field.
  • Component: This field will select that sound component that you want to control with a specific rule. The default and the most useful component is the ‘Master Volume’ of your system.
  • Channels: The most useful option in this field is All Channels that will allow you to change both right and left channels to the same values. If for any reason, you want to change only one channel separately, you can always use the Left Channel and Right Channel
  • Steps: You can assign the number of steps that you want to add to the Audio system for each move of the mouse wheel. If you increase this number, the volume will be changed faster when you scroll the wheel.

3. 3RVX

3RVX is another awesome replacement for Audio Mixer in Windows 10. It’s an on screen display tool for Windows 10 that is full of many exciting skins that you can easily add to your Windows Audio Control.

Best Audio Mixer 3RVX

  • Better animation: 3RVX will bring the animation right in the center of your desktop which will allow you to see exactly how much volume is being adjusted.
  • Toggle hotkey: Do you know what else can you do? You can also choose a hotkey for each volume function like mute, volume up and volume down. There are two methods to choose them; using the only keyboard and using keyboard and mouse together.
  • Skin: The default skin is the Mac speaker icon with a white meter beneath it. But you always customize the display from among the eight included skins, or you can create your own. That’s a new one!
  • Display: Moreover, you can tweak where on the screen the Audio display will appear. And also in which screen if you have multiple monitors.

4. Volume Concierge

There could be times where it is absolutely fine to play music at full volume on your computer. But there are also times when you need to lower down the volume level like during office hours or in the middle of the night.

Volume Concierge - Best Audio Mixer

So, Rather than having to remember to do this manually, you can turn to Volume Concierge to automatically adjust the volume of your computer based on the time of day.

  • Configuration: Configuring the program is incredibly easy. You can set up some rules to control the volume level of your computer throughout the day and night.
  • Toggle rules: You can run on weekdays, weekends, or every day of the week. It also has a simple system of drop down menus is all that is needed to get things up and to run.
  • Level selection: The only thing left to do after setting these options is to select the level at which the volume should be set at this time of day. And you know what? There is no limit on the number of rules that can be set up!

5. EarTrumpet

Last but not the least, EarTrumpet is a super simple app that you easily download for free from the Windows 10 Store. It gives you an instant taskbar icon with additional audio controls that, seriously, should be baked into Windows directly.

EarTrumpet - Best Audio Mixer

  • All apps: EarTrumpet gives you control over audio per app, allowing you to quickly mute that annoying YouTube clip or that pop-up ad that just keeps popping up. You can also mix volumes for different applications as you see want.
  • Audio sources: Just a right click on the icon will allow you to switch between audio sources. If you want to disable the taskbar icon for the default volume controls, you can do just by right-clicking the taskbar itself, selecting taskbar settings, then hitting “Select which icons appear on the taskbar.”

So, these were the best 5 replacements Audio Mixer in Windows 10. So, if you think that the original mixer just won’t do, then you can always choose between these that will give you the best experience ever.

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  1. Invasive personal info and activity sharing. I want a real volume mixer with a fader for each sound source whether I have one or several example: Chrome sound sources active. we want just a friggin mixer that’s not a cheap, unskinned non-mixer. Not interested in apps that request access to all personal data and that don’t actually work as real complete control sound mixers! And this is 2nd decade of 21st century going into Win 11? SMH!


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