5 Alarm Clock Apps for Windows 10

For any time-conscious person, keeping time and performing tasks within the schedule is always paramount in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. Thankfully, you can install a few alarm clock Applications which will always ting when it’s time to get rolling. In this tutorial, we cover some of the best alarm clock apps for Windows 10.

Alarm clock HD

alarm clock apps for Windows 10

First on the list is the feature-rich and cool Alarm clock HD App which can be downloaded free from the Microsoft Store. This App is more than just an alarm App. It’s more like a Swiss Knife with nifty features such as world clocks, weather updates, currency exchange rates, colorful themes, RSS feeds and so much more. It ships with 3 free World clock, and upon upgrading for just $1.99, you get an additional of 15 world clocks. Further, you get to customize the RSS feeds and receive weather and currency updates every 1 hour.

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With alarm clock HD, you can set alarms at specific times or days and also snooze the alarm to your preference. Additionally, the alarm has several built-in tones and can also be customized to have an alarm tone based on a certain mp3 tune or even radio. You can configure it to gradually get you out of bed using the fade in features. There are numerous other custom configurations that you can apply to suit your preference. These include changing the theme, clock style, clock brightness, etc.

Free Alarm Clock

This is a free, portable and user-friendly alarm clock that allows you to set multiple alarms. you can choose one or repeat alarms on certain days of the week and also select the days that you’d want to deactivate the alarm.

The Alarm app is feature-rich and comes with its library of musical tones. You can select any of these tones and even select from your collection of music and decide which tone you want to rise up to in the morning. Like the previous Alarm app, you can adjust the volume of the alarm tone, wake your PC from sleep, and snooze.

Music alarm clock

This is yet another free and portable alarm clock app, that lets you decide which music you’d want to wake up to. The Music alarm clock supports a wide array of file formats such as mp3, wav, and WMA. You can set and delete alarms, shuffle the music playlist, fade in the music as well as customize the UI.

Cool Timer

Of all the alarm clock apps we have discussed, the cool timer app comes with 3 key functionalities bundled in one app. The app is an alarm clock, stopwatch, and countdown timer all in one.

Unfortunately, the app allows you to set one free alarm and therefore forces you to upgrade from only $5.00. Upon upgrading, you get to enjoy unlimited alarms and numerous other customizations such as changing the background images, a wide selection of built-in alarms, recording alarms sounds using your own microphone and lifetime free updates.

Kuku Klok

Kuku Klok is a simple online alarm app that runs on the browser. It is developed by the Swiss who are well-renowned watchmakers in the world. Unfortunately, the web-app does not go off in the event of internet downtime.

This sums some of the best Alarm clock Apps for Windows 10. Do you have other ideas? Feel free to share it with us.

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