5 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10

Apple really has a good thing going with Airdrop, its file transfer utility that works on both its platforms, macOS, and iOS.

And while the service makes it seamless to transfer files between devices, the fact that Airdrop is only available on Apple hardware means that Windows and Android users are out of luck.

Bluetooth is a thing, sure, but it’s also slow.

And not really ideal for heavy data transfers, or regular usage.

Luckily, a number of similar solutions have been developed for Windows that work across platforms and allow quick sending and receiving of files.

Almost all these programs offer an expanded set of features for local file transfers from PCs to phones and other mobile devices than Airdrop.

Top 5 Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10 (File Sharing Apps)

App Name

Best for






Regular, everyday use

Modern design, lightweight, super responsive and speedy

Could do with some more social features



Social file sharing with multiple users

Cross-platform, social sharing, snappy

UI a little cluttered



General usage, phone replication

Excellent user interface, expansive feature set

Windows Phone client lags behind



General usage

Slick user interface, stylish, speedy

Premium product, only available as a trial


Send Anywhere

Professionals and power users

Modern app, availability of multiple platforms

Limited feature set on Windows versions

Let’s take a look at the 5 of the best Airdrop alternatives for Windows 10, shall we?

1. Feem

This is a program that has flown under the radar for the past few years and may not be as popular as some of the other listed solutions, but when it comes to reliability and usability, you can’t ask for more.

It is available for all major platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux), Feem allows you to share your files without the hassle of cloud, servers or limits.

5 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10

And unlike other apps named here, we did not experience random crashes or slowness in discovering devices, with the overall usage of the application remaining fairly snappy throughout — irrespective of the size of files being transferred.

With regular updates and a balanced feature set, Feem quickly becomes a new fan favorite. Take it for a test drive, if you want a modern file transfer utility.

2. Zapya

Perhaps the most well-known and widely used solution, Zapya is a file sharing app that has its roots in all major platforms, including web.

It lets you share all types of files from your PC to phone over the same network, with claimed speeds of up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

We had no issues hovering around 10 MB per second, which, while slower than the claimed limit, is still fast enough for photos, audio and video files.

There are no restrictions when it comes to file sizes, but larger files will result in slower transmission speeds.

5 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10

Zapya has the ability to create a WiFi hotspot to which other devices can connect and start sharing files on the local network. The company boasts a community of 300 million users and increasing.

Part of the reason why Zapya is so popular is that it offers both a Windows client and a web app, two things that are not available on all file sharing applications.

Developers have even baked in social features into the app, complete with chat, making it possible to transfer multiple files to multiple people.

A handy phone replication feature is also included that can be used to easily backup and transfer files from an old mobile device to a new one.

You do get ads in this free app, but an impressive feature set, along with a fast and lightweight user interface, makes Zapya an easy recommendation.

3. SHAREit

There is not much that SHAREit does different or better than the competition, but that takes nothing away from the fact that this is a top app that makes the process of sharing files across platforms and devices a breezy experience.

You can send all manner of files from one machine to another — documents, pictures, songs, and clips of practically unlimited size and sorts. Obviously, this is all done by installing the various apps on devices that you want to send and receive data from.

5 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10

In addition to local area network connectivity, SHAREit can also create hotspots on devices, which can then be used to send over data, though this handy functionality is not available to Windows Phone users.

In terms of other unique bells and whistles, the app also offers a phone replication feature that can help you transfer contacts, messages, apps, as well as files of all type from an older device to a new one.

Slick and quick, with a very capable set of desktop and mobile applications, SHAREit comes with a high recommendation!

4. Instashare

Perhaps the first thing you will notice when firing up Instashare is the similarities it shares with Airdrop when it comes to the overall feel. For all intents and purposes, Instashare looks and works like a mobile app, even when running on Windows 10.

But that takes nothing away from what is still a very streamlined creation.

Usage is as simple as hitting the share button on a file and selecting Instashare, and the app will list all the devices that you can transfer to.

This simple drag and drop process makes the process of securely transferring files between devices a seamless experience, with no limitations on file types and sizes.

Top 5 Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10 (File Sharing Apps)

And one of the best things about Instashare is that it is not just limited to the latest operating system versions, and works just as nicely with older platforms like Windows Vista and Windows 7, in this case.

It may not be chockful of features, but Instashare knows what it has been designed to do, and it goes about its job in a marvelously simple fashion.

A free trial version is available that you can use to test the program for 7 days, after which you’ll have to buy it for $5.90.

5. Send Anywhere

One of the most feature-rich file sharing applications available on the Windows Store Send Anywhere makes it effortlessly easy for users to securely transfer their data to any device.

And by any, we mean mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle, to desktop operating systems Windows, macOS, and Linux, plus support for web usage via browsers, and a Chrome app and extension.

There is even a WordPress plugin, surprisingly.

5 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Windows 10

Any file you send has its relay path optimally routed, whether you are using your WiFi or cellular network, and if you are logged in into your device, you have the ability to automatically initiate transfers without the hassle of inputting codes or clicking on the accept dialog.

The newest major release brought along improvements to usability, automatic resuming of interrupted downloads, a history to track file transfers between two devices, and the ability to send transfers to multiple devices simultaneously. Though, of course, not all these features are available to all users.

All that said, the only thing that drags Send Anywhere down on Windows is the lack of regular updates and a user interface that could perhaps be a bit more optimized for desktop users.

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