8 Ways to Fix Your Administrator has Blocked This Program

Windows 10, by default, requires administrator permissions to install a program. Trying to install a program without these permissions might trigger the particular error. Here's how to fix "Your Administrator has Blocked This Program".

I'm going to try and go from the most accessible solutions to apply that have worked for some people, to increasingly harder ones that are more likely to work.

Fix 1 - Try Rebooting your Computer

The perfect fix for them all. "Have you tried turning it off and on?". It rarely works in cases like these, but it's quite an easy thing to do so give it a try.

I know that it seems like the obvious thing to do at first. However, do understand that there are lots of people who never shut down their computer.

And it's also in cases like these that such bugs can occur.

Fix 2 - Move your File to a Different Location

How to Fix "Your Administrator Has Blocked This Program"

This one is weird fix. But some people have said that merely moving your program to your Desktop will make the program run normally.

Seems fishy to me but again, it's one easy thing to do so do give it a try and let me know if it works for real.

Fix 3 - Log in as an Administrator

If you're not using an admin account by default, then you'll typically install programs by right-clicking on the application of your choice and selecting "Run as an administrator".

However, this doesn't always work. It's one more case where you can get the "Your administrator has blocked this program" error.

Running the program of your choice through a native administrator account might solve your issue.

It worked for me once when I wanted to make some registry changes. Running the registry with admin permissions through a non-admin account just wouldn't cut it.

I had to log into my administrator account and make all the changes from there. Then everything worked like a charm.

So, do give it a try as well.

Fix 4 - Use the "Stronger" Administrator Account

Most versions of Windows have a hidden administrator account with higher permissions than your regular account.

This account can install anything without ever asking you for permission or anything like that.

It's mostly useful for installing significant updates on the operating system. That's because it won't have to ask you every 2 minutes for approving the installation of something new.

To use it for our cause, launch the Command Prompt with administrator permissions, and type "net user administrator /active:yes".

Hit Enter, then log out of your current account and log back into that administrator account.

Now you should be able to install the program of your choice. It's generally advised to not use this account as a daily driver as it might expose you to security risks.

To disable it again go back to the Command Prompt and type "net user administrator /active:no". 

Fix 5 - Change your Account to an Administrator Account

How to Fix "Your Administrator Has Blocked this Program"

It is another way on how to fix this problem if you have a fully working administrator account.

By giving administrator permissions to your standard account, you're making it as if it had administrator permissions since the very beginning.

Log in to your administrator account, go to Settings -> Accounts -> Family and Other People, then select the account of your choice and change it to an administrator account.

Fix 6 - Check your Antivirus Settings

It isn't too likely to happen, but you better check to make sure. Your Antivirus might be blocking specific programs from running without you being aware of it.

I can't guide you precisely step by step on this because different Antivirus programs work in different ways.

You'll have to dig around the settings on your own. It's entirely possible for your Antivirus to have a sort of firewall which prevents untrustful programs from running.

Adding your program as an exception to it is one way on how to fix this problem. That's assuming that this is the cause of your problem in the first place.

Fix 7 - Turn Off SmartScreen

How to Fix "Your Administrator Has Blocked This Program"

It can be another solution on how to fix this issue, and it will also allow a non-admin account to install programs.

However, once again, you need to have at least one administrator account on your computer to tweak with these settings.

Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Defender -> Open Windows Defender Security Center -> App and Browser Control, and turn off all SmartScreen options.

Fix 8 - Install the Program with Command Prompt

As our last resort, try running the program through the command prompt with administrator permissions.

To do that, type CMD on your search bar, right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator".

Then type cd, insert the folder address of your program and hit enter. At that point, all you have to do is type the name of your program (along with its extension) and hit enter to execute it.

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