This $320 AMD Ryzen CPU Takes On A $1,099 Intel Chip

That’s one way to set things on fire! The dawn of AMD Ryzen is upon us, and it looks like Intel is in for a bit of a fight, and this can only mean good things for the PC market.

And that’s because the entire Ryzen CPU lineup has been leaked and verified, with pricing of the various processors confirmed through a number of online retailers — there is a lot of good stuff here if you have been waiting for these chips.

That will be launching by the end of the month, and should be on store shelves by March 2.

What is not clear right now, is whether this date will see all CPUs in this new lineup available, all 17 of them. However, there is talk that at least 3 different processors will be up for grabs on day one.

So, what exactly can you expect?

Well, one chip in particular stands out.

The AMD Ryzen 7 1700, a $320 rival to the Intel Core i7-6900K that retails for $1,099. This splendid little chip offers 8 cores, 16 threads, on a 3.7GHz frequency, 65W thermal footprint with unlimited boost and unlocked multiplier!

This makes it by far the most exciting chip in recent memory from a performance per dollar point of view, at least. More so, when you consider that it is rated at less than half the power of the Intel chip that is a 140W affair, and similar, clock for clock.

To put this into perspective, it will be possible to build an entire high-end gaming PC around the Ryzen 1700 for the same money it would take for just the Intel chip!

Hopefully, all this translates to some good news on the hardware side for AMD in particular, Microsoft and the PC market in general.

We needed this!

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  1. For some time now, I’ve been telling anyone who wants to listen that Ryzen will just blow Intel out of the water and here’s the first sign this is going to happen.


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